Join an existing car pool group, it’s quick and simple

Search for a group to join based on your destination, join and share your commute with other people doing the same journey every day.

Although Faxi is aimed at regular journeys it can be used just as effectively for one off events such as conferences, football matches, weddings etc, anywhere where you have a lot of people heading to the same destination at the same time.

You can join as many groups as you like, and if you can't find one that's right for you start one yourself.

Filter Faxi groups by type:

Joining a car share group is easy, and once you’ve logged in Faxi is simple to use

Only your name and your status will appear to other Faxi users.

Your home location will be shown approximately, but your address is not revealed to others.

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Are you looking for a ride or offering seats

Log in and decide whether you are looking for a ride or are offering seats

Communicate with fellow car sharers

Post a message to help other lift sharers know exactly what you are looking for or offering

See other car sharers on a map

See and connect with others around you, and along your route

Connect and organise your shared journeys

Communicate with each other to arrange lift sharing and all the benefits that go with it

We're here to help. Call Faxi on 0207 387 1133 or email

We're here to help. Call Faxi on 0207 387 1133 or email
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