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Where Faxi is leading, Google is following

Google has been hitting the headlines again after recently announcing that its Israeli start-up Waze has launched a carpooling app called RideWith in Israel. The app, an initial pilot, provides an “easy way to connect with people who have similar commutes, so you can ride together on the fastest route”.

Faxi has been ahead of the curve by providing a nationwide journey-sharing platform to tackle congestion, car parking problems, and to make more efficient use of the millions of empty seats in cars every day in the UK.

Faxi now has over 300 groups which have been set up by companies, organisations, social groups, sports clubs, and many more, and thousands of active users are taking part in journey sharing every day.

Google has recognised the global requirement for car-pooling to tackle worldwide issues associated with the over-population of cars, and the prevailing need for technology to make people’s lives easier, in the same way that Faxi had over two years ago during its initial research phase. 

What’s more, Google has identified in the same way as Faxi that carpooling will be sustainable if drivers are sufficiently incentivised.  Already, approximately 28 million carpooling miles are driven in the UK every day, representing over £5.6m per day of driver savings. The potential is there for billions to be made, and the scope is global.

This is proof that Faxi’s business concept is founded upon not only a global requirement for journey sharing but a technology which exists to enable people to do so easily and affordably.
With sophisticated technology at the user’s fingertips, Faxi is soon to be launching one-touch passenger to driver payment and other developments to the app, to enable easy and traceable car sharing for both corporate and social use.

Faxi is committed to staying ahead of trend and to continue revolutionising the platform so it is continually proactive, rather than reactive, to society’s requirements, and Faxi believes that it has scope to become a future household name by providing a unique solution which genuinely addresses today’s transportation problems.


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