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West Berkshire Council teams up with Faxi to get journey sharing on the move

West Berkshire Council has partnered up with Faxi, the journey sharing social network, to encourage and promote journey sharing in and across the district. Journey sharing carries significant personal and environmental benefits, saving the user money and time, and reducing the harmful effects of pollution and congestion.

West Berkshire Council is excited to be working with Faxi, and has signed up for 10 licenses for 10 groups to be created. The first group will be an internal group for West Berkshire Council’s employees at their main offices and it is hoped that a large proportion of employees will start journey sharing to work and reaping the benefits from making smarter travel choices.

Hilary Cole, West Berkshire’s Executive Councillor for Transport Policy said: “West Berkshire is leading by example in the sustainable travel stakes and are continuously improving options across the district.  We are pleased to be part of this new, innovative method of journey sharing.  Faxi fits with our aims and objectives to reduce emissions and congestion caused by cars, and it will also benefit people by reducing daily transport costs. With around 1549 corporate employees, we are looking forward to seeing the adoption of journey sharing within our own offices and hope that it will become a prevalent transport choice for many others across the district.”