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At Faxi, we like to get to know our users – not only is it a great insight into how people are using Faxi to save money on their commute and optimise their journeys, but it also helps us to create a platform which really works.

We caught up with one Faxi fan to find out a bit more about his daily commute (Wales to England!), how much money he is saving by carpooling to work every day and why reserved Faxi parking is alleviating the workplace car parking battle.

Mr Griffiths, from Cardiff
Employee at large employer Bristol

Why did you start using Faxi?
I had a private arrangement with my partner and a friend anyway, so was already car sharing. I’ve been working in Bristol for 6 years so it has made sense to car share.
I started using Faxi a few weeks ago after a link within an email was circulated to all the employees in our building inviting people to car share to work in return for prioritised car parking spaces at the office.

What appealed to you about Faxi over your existing car sharing arrangement?
The main hook was that the building manager at work, who manages the car park, was promoting car parking spaces at the office. There is a big parking problem at the office, we have a very limited number of spaces so demand greatly outweighs space. Spaces are allocated based on a number of factors, which, inevitably, leads to many employees missing out.
If you can’t park at the office (which is most of the time) people use on-street parking if they can get there early enough. For me that’s not feasible so I have a private car parking arrangement – it still costs me about £80-£100 a month, but the going rate in local car parks nearest to the office is £12 a day, which is a big cost implication for many people.
The cost saving benefit of Faxi appealed to me a lot and, of course, the prioritised car parking spaces.
Before Faxi I had also never considered sharing with someone I didn’t know, but the appeal of a closed group within the organisation really appealed to us, and we had a space in the car anyway, so it just worked.

How has your daily commute improved?
Now we have filled the fourth space in the car with a fellow colleague, which is great! She had contacted me on the Faxi platform and then we met face to face at an internal Faxi meeting at work, but prior to this I didn’t know her. It’s given me a controlled way of adding someone to my personal commuting network.
I have also managed to use the Faxi car parking spaces at least a few times per week. There are five permanent bays labelled up as reserved Faxi parking spaces at work, and they’re always full so the scheme appears to be working!
If there’s enough uptake of Faxi car sharers the Building Manager plans to increase the number of allocated car parking spaces, which will be even better for employees.

How much money are you saving?
It’s making a big difference to my costs – I am now saving £50 a week with the additional passenger contributions, plus the reserved space at work which saves me parking fees. That amounts to £2,000 per year so it’s really quite significant. My journey is quite long so the financial aspect is pretty important.

Would you recommend the Faxi app to others?
Absolutely. I am already recommending it to people. I wouldn’t say I’m a big environmentalist but obviously it’s a great thing if it reduces the number of cars on the road, but I am also getting personal benefit from it because of the cost-saving and parking allocation element.

Are there any other features would you like to see on the app?
My commute goes along the M4 corridor which is pretty busy. It would be great to see if there are any incidents on my route as I set out on my journey – this would help plan alternative routes or timings if it is going to cause a delay. Otherwise, the features are all great – there’s a lot of functionality there!

We’d love to hear your Faxi stories! Drop us a line to feature in the next #CommuteChat blog. Email and we’ll be in touch.