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University of Essex launches Faxi journey sharing social networks

Faxi is excited to announce that the University of Essex is promoting journey sharing groups across the region. The interactive platform was introduced to the University by Colchester Travel Plan Club, whose mutual aim is to promote healthy active and sustainable travel to in and around Colchester.
Charlotte Humphries, the Transport Policy Coordinator for the University of Essex, recently set up a Faxi group and within a matter of days created a thriving Faxi community of individuals looking to share journeys across different modes of transport, including car sharing, cycling, and walking.

As a result of the immediate success of the Faxi group for the University’s Colchester campus, Charlotte has proceeded to create another group for their Southend-on-Sea campus. "Faxi is unlike any journey sharing platform I've seen," Charlotte explains. "It's more of a social network which allows users to share and optimise their commute."

"Already we have lots of people wanting to walk and cycle together. We're extremely keen to promote this type of active travel, with all the associated health and safety benefits, to our entire faculty."

As Faxi is free and simple to set up, Charlotte will be working with other communities within the University of Essex to launch their own Faxi groups to further encourage cheaper, safer, and more active sustainable travel.

Tony Lynch, Faxi Founder, said "we are incredibly excited to be working with the University of Essex. Faxi is only scratching the surface of what is possible to encourage cheaper, more sustainable active transport.  We will be actively seeking feedback from users at the University to see how Faxi can be further developed for the benefit of anyone that commutes, needs to reduce their travel costs or is looking to increase their daily exercise."

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