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Trek Bikes firmly believe cyclists are likely to actively engage in bike buddying

Trek Bikes, one of the largest bike manufacturers in the world, have launched journey sharing groups at their UK head office in Milton Keynes. Trek has 75 employees and will be using Faxi to promote car sharing and to allow staff to "buddy up" with each other for cycling and walking to and from work.
The company firmly believes that cyclists are likely to engage in bike buddying to help out less experienced cyclists, and within 24 hours the group was set up and posters, flyers and emails have already been distributed encouraging employees to register and to start journey sharing.

Tom Armstrong, Sales & Customer Service Manager at Trek Bicycles, who set up the group and is promoting journey sharing within the organisation, said: "We've always tried to encourage our staff to cycle or walk to work rather than drive. Cyclists are the type of people that would actively engage with other less experienced cyclists and buddy up with them if they're worried about getting out on the road for the first time or after a prolonged period without cycling.
"With Faxi, as soon as you register you can see other cyclists nearby to you and who share your route, and we'll be encouraging moreof our staff to cycle to work together. To set something like this up would be impossible to do without a platform like Faxi."