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Travis Perkins launches four Faxi groups across its Head Offices

Travis Perkins, the national retail giant, has launched Faxi journey sharing groups across four of its Head Office locations around Northamptonshire to encourage employees to travel more sustainably to and from work.

Jez Cutler, Head of Group Environment at Travis Perkins, said: “Every year, our employees travel further in our cars to and from work than a trip to the moon. As we’re set to grow as a business, we are going to be running out of car park space and increasing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. 

“We’ve partnered with Faxi to tackle this problem, and have set up private groups for each main head office campus so our employees can find other colleagues to share journeys with quickly and safely,” he added.

Travis Perkins aims to encourage employees to not only car share to work but also to participate in active commuting, by bike or by foot. The added benefit of Faxi is that the groups are closed so can only be accessed by employees.


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