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UK retail giant Travis Perkins bills Faxi as a "21st Century car sharing solution"

Travis Perkins, the UK's largest builder's merchant and home improvement retailer, is launching a number of Faxi journey sharing groups to promote sustainable travel at its Head Office and nationwide retail units. As part of an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, the company is keen to promote car sharing, walking and cycling buddy groups for its employees, deeming Faxi a "21st Century car sharing solution".

Jezz Cutler, Group Environment Manager who is promoting Faxi across Travis Perkins Plc, said: "Faxi offers a simple 21st century solution to car sharing, allowing colleagues who know each other at work to realise that they live near each other and discover the benefits of sharing journeys to work."

With over 1,900 outlets, more than 24,000 employees in the UK and Ireland, and its listing on the London Stock Exchange and the FTSE 100 Index, Travis Perkins is looking at promoting a largescale Faxi initiative across the organisation.

Initially, journey sharing communities will be launched for each department at the company Head Office, including Finance, IT, Property and Environment. Faxi will then be rolled out across all conferencing events to allow members to commute together and to reduce the large number of single occupancy journeys. Finally, Travis Perkins will look to roll the concept out across all its nationwide outlets, with an initial focus on the newest stores  by incorporating Faxi as a key initiative into employee travel plans. 

The organisation will be looking to promote 'cycle and walk to work weeks' as part of its journey sharing initiatives, with employees easily able to find cycling and walking buddies to commute to and from work together via the Faxi platform. Faxi also enables users to 'buddy up' less confident cyclists with more experienced cyclists, encouraging people who may want to take the step to start commuting by bike instead of by car.

Tony Lynch, CEO of Faxi, said: "We are absolutely delighted to be partnering up with a company like Travis Perkins. For years we've believed every community - be it a school, business, church or sports group - should have their own journey sharing group. Now we are starting to see that PLC's like Travis Perkins also believe in journey sharing and promoting more sustainable transport; they just need a platform to allow them to do it."