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The commute is a major part of our lives. Let's be positive and save some

Another piece of research showing the importance and benefit of low-level exercise was reported in the Telegraph recently.

Lack of exercise is twice as deadly as obesity Cambridge University finds

With the mounting evidence of the importance of exercise and research pointing to improvements in productivity and cognitive performance, you would think companies would do more to encourage it in their staff.

Study exercise protects the brain against depression

Every day at Faxi we are having conversations with organisations about car parking and congestion problems. Yet when you look at staff locations relative to the workplace, a considerable proportion could walk or cycle.

Employers should be constantly reminding their staff, where possible, to use their commute as an opportunity to exercise; it doesn't have to be everyday, it seems that even a little can benefit a lot.

In the coming months Faxi will provide all users with local weather information in advance of their journey, encouraging commuters to walk or cycle. We will be encouraging group administrators to constantly communicate with their community about the benefits of active transport.

Additionally, where supported by the employer, the Faxi smart phone application could allow users to accurately record their activity data which could then be used to reward and recognise active travel and the use of sustainable transport.

It will certainly be cheaper than building more car parking spaces.

Philip Insall, Director of Health for Sustrans added: "This country cannot afford to continue ignoring the relationship between physically active transport and health.’

“Inactive lifestyles are responsible for thousands of premature deaths and incur massive costs for our health system. Enabling people to walk and cycle for their everyday journeys is the tonic for the nation that must be prescribed immediately.

“This research comes as the new Infrastructure Bill is going through Parliament. The Bill presently proposes a huge investment in new roads, making the inactivity problem even worse. It is imperative for the sake of our health that investment in walking and cycling should be a central part to this new legislation."

The findings are published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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