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The Cavendish School aims to reduce traffic congestion with Faxi

The Cavendish School, Camden is one of the groups under Camden Council’s license purchase, and was Faxi’s first official group, launching in Easter 2014. It is part of a Camden initiative to reduce traffic congestion, and The Cavendish School is behind the push to reduce the number of cars in the vicinity of the school and to encourage more pupils to walk or cycle to school.

The Faxi group, which is monitored by an administrator and includes all the relevant safety setting provided for schools, now has a number of parents signed up to share the school run.

The Headmistress at The Cavendish School said: “It's a common problem for schools and their locality to suffer from traffic congestion at drop-off and pickup times. We are keen to promote journey sharing for the long term in an effort to reduce congestion locally, do our bit for the environment and to increase convenience for our parents. We're excited to be working with FAXI to address these problems.”