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Take the quickest route with the Faxi smartphone app route planner

The Faxi map homepage will now show three of the best ways to your destination and home. By clicking on any of the routes you will see the distance, time, plus real-time congestion showing you the worst traffic.

Faxi provides real time congestion information from Google, which is constantly monitoring Google enabled smartphones and using complicated algorithms to show you in real-time where the slowest and clearest traffic is.

In addition to being a unique journey sharing app, Faxi is now becoming a travel planning app, providing realtime information to users of factors which may affect their journey, including traffic congestion, weather, and cost and duration of travel. Faxi is committed to making your commute faster, cheaper, safer and more environmentally friendly.

Download the Faxi smartphone application so you are always aware of the best route, wherever you are.

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