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Sustainable organisation Embercome using Faxi to allow users to travel more sustainably.

Embercombe is a place that exists to inspire people to change their world, running a year-round programme of residential experiences and events based on their 50-acre site in the hills above Exeter.  They understand sustainability in terms of Peter Senge’s definition: A truly sustainable activity, family or business, efficiently utilises resources whilst taking into account the need for meaning and purpose, and recognising that human activities unfold within larger natural systems.

That's why they are using Faxi to help their visitors to journey share to the organisation rather than drive individually. 

Gwyn Jones, Director of the Association of Sustainability Practitioners, helped introduced Embercome to Faxi said:

"Embercome promotes a more sustainable way of living which includes reducing the number of cars on our roads. Faxi is perfect for Embercome because it gives them their own free journey-sharing group to the centre and directly invite and message users to encourage them to share. I haven't seen anything else quite like it". 

Dominic Acland, Managing Director at Embercombe, said “Embercombe has over 5,000 visitors each year and we love Faxi because it is so flexible and smart.  We’re going to embed Faxi in all of our marketing material and look forward to seeing people jumping into shared cars on the way here from all over the country”.