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Survey reveals 22% of Colchester Council employees interested in using Faxi

As preparation for launching the second Council Head Office Faxi staff group, this time with Colchester Borough Council, a travel survey was conducted for employees at Rowan House, the Colchester Borough Council Head Office. 
The survey revealed that out of 867 staff questioned about personal travel choices, 408 responded and out of this sample of respondents, 90 people registered an interest in Faxi as a travel option. These findings correlate with the prediction revealed by  Roland Berger Strategy Consultants that people do want to car share if there is the opportunity to do so.

Last week, an email was distributed to all 867 employees at Rowan House providing information about the journey sharing group. If 22% of employees registered, this would result in 190 registrations. Given that just a 10% car occupancy rise would reduce congestion to the same extent as doubling rail usage and thereby drastically reducing car emissions, these findings are extremely encouraging.
Supplementing this, the recent prediction that carpooling is set to increase 35% year on year proves that it's optimistic times for sustainable transport methods such as journey sharing.