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St Peter's Academy partners with Faxi

St Peter’s Academy is working with Faxi as a sustainable transport solution to serve the daily travel requirement for students. It is a mixed 11-16 academy with 1000 students, which puts Christian values, faith and high standards at the centre of everything it does, and serves the whole community of Stoke-on-Trent and welcomes students of all faiths and none.

The council provided St Peter’s Academy five double decker buses, however, the decision has been made to stop the buses in September 2014. Currently, approximately 300 students arrive by bus, 300 walk and 400 travel by car. The academy will be using FAXI to offer walking, cycling and car sharing to parents instead of buses.

There is a keen interest in utilising Faxi to encourage and promote journey sharing as part of the regular daily school run at St Peter's Academy, and FAXI is currently being demoed in the assemblies for the parents of new students joining in September.