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What if data could tell you how you *could* be commuting to work each day - providing information on the optimum mode of transport, potential cost savings, and the best route to take? This is exactly what we are doing with Northamptonshire County Council, who asked us to analyse its employees’ home postcodes and proximity to the office - so we could create a vision of what a smart, future commute could look like across the workforce.

This driving need to address commuting issues is something that is affecting the entire region.

Northamptonshire is one of the the fastest growing areas in England – both in population numbers and traffic growth, and Northamptonshire County Council is at the forefront of a new initiative to help cope with the growth and ensure that it’s sustainable for the future.

The Council is currently moving office to a location where there is less on-site car parking available, and is working with Faxi on a new carpooling scheme which goes one step further - to not only help transition its staff towards a more sustainable daily commute, but to lead the way in smart, data-driven transportation.

The Council hopes to lead by example and not only implement carpooling as standard, but to contribute towards a smarter travel ecosystem across the region.

Alexian Chiavegato, Marketing Director of Faxi, said: “We are extremely excited to be working with Northamptonshire County Council on this sustainable travel project. The staff love the app and it’s great to be leading such positive engagement with carpooling.”

Transport networks in and around Northamptonshire are placed under pressure, particularly during rush hour. In a bid to reduce traffic congestion and localised pollution, the aim is to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles travelling to and from places of work each day. What’s more, parking is a growing concern as with more and more cars on the roads, the availability of parking spaces is becoming extremely challenging for workers.

This is just one step towards an exciting vision for Northamptonshire, as the Council is looking at state-of-the-art technology to generate a smarter, data-driven commuting network which it hopes to roll out to other businesses across the county.