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School creates 'car share speed dating night' to connect Faxi users together

One school which uses Faxi has come up with an innovative way to encourage more parents to car share on the school run – it is hosting a ‘car share speed dating night’ so that parents can meet and greet other drivers or passengers before embarking on a car sharing arrangement with them.

The school run is one of the busiest traffic-concentrated parts of the day and can add stress to any parents’ busy schedule. The majority of parents still drive their children to school with a number of empty seats in the car, despite the vast number who travel in the same direction every single day. This is neither time or cost efficient.

One of the major barriers to car sharing has been trust – it has been proven that people are unwilling to share with strangers and this is why traditional car share models have not proved successful or mainstream.

However, Faxi allows people who travel in similar directions to the same destination every single day, such as parents or work colleagues, to connect together online in a safe and secure group and share their daily journeys with others, saving both time and money.

Chichester Free School is keen to see Faxi work as a sustainable transport solution to traffic congestion and localised pollution, and wants to encourage further uptake of Faxi car sharing among parents.

Tony Lynch, CEO of Faxi said: “Faxi is more than just clever technology. It’s a social enterprise and we want people to connect together like any other social network, for them to build relationships and make their daily lives more cost-effective and more efficient.

“Chichester Free School is embracing the social aspect of Faxi and coming up with an inventive way to encourage more car sharers within the school. We are delighted to see such enthusiasm for Faxi and have every belief that this could work on a large scale nationwide.”

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