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Red Tent Cornwall women's circle leader Mandy Adams: "Faxi exactly what I've been looking for"

Mandy Adams runs Red Tent Cornwall women's circle and discovered Faxi after being invited to join another existing Faxi group (see blog post 30/09/2014 - Sustainable organisation Embercome using Faxi to allow users to travel more sustainably). After visiting the Faxi website Mandy quickly realised that this is exactly what she needed to promote car pooling at her monthly Red Tent Cornwall Women's Circle.

What was once a cumbersome manual task for Mandy involving manually sifting through postcodes to see which members lived close enough to each other to be able to travel together sustainably has now become an automated process where she can invite her members to register and find journey sharing partners instantly by using Faxi.

Mandy Adams said about Faxi: "I absolutely love finding an app that solves problems in the way Faxi has. It used to take me hours to try and pair people up to carshare, but Faxi literally took me 10 minutes to setup and invite users. It's so simple, we'll be using it every month now for our groups".