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RBS Integrated Carpooling Parking Solution

RBS Trinity Quay are committed to cutting congestion in and around Bristol and reducing their annual carbon emissions. So much so they are giving over a portion of their car park exclusively for carpoolers.

Through their partnership with Faxi, RBS employees can see themselves and their optimised commute on a digital, interactive map relative to other users. In this way users can immediately see who they drive by and who drives by them to easily find compatible co-workers to share with.

The Faxi app calculates optimal routes given current traffic, estimates arrival times, automatically calculates and transfers an appropriate contribution to costs from passenger to driver, informs the RBS carpark management system that a driver has transported co-workers therefore qualifying for access to reserved spaces and even shows passengers the progress towards them of their driver so they don’t have to wait outside in the cold all without the driver ever having to touch their phone once in the car. In short the Faxi app aims to remove all of the pain points around carpooling.

RBS, through their Green Ambassadors, and Faxi are keen to roll this partnership out across other RBS sites around the country possibly starting with Gogarburn which is currently undergoing major renovations which will see staff numbers grow from 3500 to 6000.