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24% of people would car share with work colleagues

A survey of 635 respondents conducted at a major business park in Milton Keynes has revealed that 24% of people would journey share with others within their own work environment and a further 13% would share with others on the same site. 

The Tilbrook Travel Hub, a partnership of local employers as part of Smartgo Milton Keynes, has decided to make car sharing a priority on the site to achieve a host of benefits.

Trek bikes and T-Systems have already launched Faxi journey software and it is anticipated that the other businesses on the site will follow suit.

Robin Pointon, Managing Director of Go Travel Solutions, has said that journey sharing for Tilbrook is the “single biggest opportunity which could have a major impact on how staff travel to work.  With increasing pressure on corporate car parking spaces, congestion charges, pollution, and over-population of cars on the roads, journey sharing is a sustainable answer.

“It is vital that large corporate companies encourage journey sharing within the workplace. It’s a win-win situation as employers can incentivise journey sharing as part of their corporate sustainability objectives and employees benefit from priority car parking spaces, decreased costs and more efficient journeys to and from work. Faxi is a great answer to these growing problems,” Robin added.

With 77% single car occupancy on the Tilbrook estate, the objectives are clear and it is anticipated that more companies will be coming on board in January.
The Smartgo Milton Keynes initiative, co-ordinated by Go Travel Solutions, is focused on helping to improve travel links and sustainable transport throughout Milton Keynes including the Tilbrook estate.

Current members of the Tilbrook Travel Hub include Red Bull Technology, Trek, T-Systems Ltd, Calumet Photographic, Kingston Foods and PPSGB.

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