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As the world’s urban areas become ever-more polluted, Peterborough County Council has decided to do something about it by launching a new scheme to combat the harmful effects of air pollution across the region.

IKEA in Peterborough is one of the first large companies to sign up for the initiative - launching a new carpooling scheme with incentives such a free priority parking, to encourage employees to travel more sustainably during their daily commute.

Sponsored by Peterborough Council as part of the county’s efforts to promote a greener and more efficient area to live, IKEA has purchased hundreds of Faxi group licenses to contribute to a greener county. The main aims of the initiative are to reduce traffic congestion caused by the sheer volume of cars on the roads, and to reduce harmful CO2 emissions and localised pollution.

IKEA is working closely with the Council to create a state-of-the-art sustainable travel system, and is using Faxi as the logical platform from which to deliver it.

IKEA employees who carpool to work will benefit from reserved and free parking, to alleviate pressure on the site carpark. What’s more, using Faxi functionality which allows passengers to contribute towards driver costs using a one-touch payment system, employees who download the app will have their digital wallets pre-populated with £5 to kick start their car sharing ventures. The initiative also involves a competition to win £20 for all users who subscribe to the scheme.

Peterborough Council plans to roll out the initiative to other local businesses as part of a collective drive towards greater uptake of carpooling across the region. If adopted on a larger scale, commuters who carpool to work could have a hugely positively impact on local air pollution.