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Partner case study

Essex University use Faxi for on demand shared transportation.

Charlotte Humphries, Transport Policy Coordinator, University of Essex.

Faxi is working with Charlotte to develop shared transportation throughout Essex University, primarily focused on commuter car sharing integrated into facility car parking.

Charlotte explains how she is using Faxi personally to reduce transportation costs generally.

Prior to Christmas Charlotte was invited to an after work event some 20 miles away. As a registered member on the Faxi platform Charlotte simply looked for a co-worker who lived near her intended destination, she contacted the person via the messaging function and within minutes the driver had confirmed he was happy to provide a lift. They arranged a meeting place and Charlotte was simply and safely transported to her destination.

The alternative would have been a £20 Taxi. This experience reinforced in Charlotte the transport options that Faxi could offer Essex University, their 3000 staff and 12,000 students.