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Parking permit distribution prioritised for Faxi car sharers at Clifton education centres.

Since Bristol City Council has recently announced its introduction of resident parking restrictions in Clifton and thereby reducing the amount of car parking spaces for local businesses.

Clifton High School and other local educational establishments have been provided with Faxi journey sharing technology by Bristol Council in an effort to encourage sustainable transport alternatives.

Now Clifton High School and other educational institutes (comprising over 1000 staff) have adopted a policy where car parking permits will be issued as a priority for those engaged in car sharing. Only members of the Faxi group will be able to obtain a parking permit to provide staff members with alternative transport options and to enforce localised sustainable travel.

Guy Cowper, Director of Facilities at Clifton High School, is liaising with Bristol City Council and Faxi to explore the future possibility for parking permits to be automatically allocated to those engaged in car sharing.

Guy said: “Clifton High School is well known in the city as a dynamic organisation that’s responsive to change. We have been first to have responded positively to the Faxi service and see this as the best way of helping colleagues plan their journeys more effectively and sustainably.”

As Faxi develops its patent technology which relies on GPS and geo-tracking to confirm when car sharing has taken place, the opportunities for prioritised parking spaces and permits allow companies to adopt enforceable sustainable transport initiatives.

Faxi is working with numerous other nationwide organisations, local authorities and institutions to provide a similar solution over the next six months.

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