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“Sharing a commute with friends seems obvious – the difference is that Faxi puts together friends who just haven’t met yet”, said Eddie Humphries of Lingfield Point - a Darlington-based business park with around 3,000 employees.

Having signed up to Faxi as a smart, forward-thinking solution which will help reduce travel costs for employees as well helping the environment, Lingfield Point is aiming to see at least 10% of its workers carpooling on their daily commute to work.

Lingfield Point – which already provides excellent cycle and public transport links – is working with Darlington Borough Council and Local Motion on the project.

The launch of the car share scheme follows a recent survey by the council which found that nearly half of those asked at Lingfield Point said they would register for a car sharing scheme if one was offered. The survey also found that 61% of employees on-site currently drive to work alone, 79% chose their travel mode based on convenience and 28% on cost.

Faxi allows customers at Lingfield Point to access like-minded people from a range of businesses across the 90 acre site.

Alex Kay, Sustainable Transport Officer at Darlington Borough Council, said: “Lingfield Point has huge potential for employees to travel more sustainably.

“With hundreds of people driving to the same place each day at roughly the same time, it makes sense to reduce the number of cars filling up the site and roads on a daily basis.

“From the 547 employees who took part nearly half said they would register for a car sharing scheme. The survey revealed many will look at their drive to work and think about possible savings. We’re pleased to be working with Lingfield Point on this exciting new scheme.”

Eddie said: “The survey clearly showed that many employees like the idea of car sharing and we felt it was important to offer this great service to our customers, and to do so in an easy, convenient way."

“The new Faxi platform is simple to use and accessible on the go via smartphone. Journey sharing can help to lower fuel bills, reduce wear and tear on vehicles and lower emissions – so everyone benefits."

The scheme is part of the Council’s Local Motion Project which is funded by the Department for Transport. 

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