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Nationwide employer launches Faxi, first ride sharing app to provide access to reserved car parking

One of the UK's most prominent organisations is launching Faxi, the world's first mobile app which provides proven car sharers with automated access to reserved and reduced-cost car parking, to initiate car sharing among its 4,000 employees.The organisation is planning for its entire car park to be reserved for car sharers within three years.

After two years of research and development, the recently signed agreement brings together a nationwide employer, a global car park operator and a market-leading software provider.

As parking is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive to build and maintain, large organisations are keen to encourage ride sharing and carpooling amongst their commuters with incentives ranging from cash to parking privileges. Until now, however, most are put off by the cost of administration and the lack of auditable proof. 

Under new patent technology applied for, the Faxi solution will provide real-time proof of car sharing, integration into car park administration systems (ensuring that only those sharing have access to low cost and reserved spaces) and passenger to driver auto payment, to avoid the embarrassment of chasing friends and colleagues for ‘petrol money’.

Faxi will continue to develop new innovative products and services which will allow organisations to incentivise employees to ride share with their co-workers.

Faxi is working with Barclays Pingit to enable users of the Faxi app to pay their journey sharing companions a contribution towards the cost of travel at the touch of a button, making journey sharing more simple and efficient for everyone.

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