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Lancashire County Council signs for 40 Faxi groups

Lancashire County Council has acquired 40 Faxi groups which will be promoted to local social groups and businesses to encourage greater uptake of journey sharing across the region. 

Gareth Cooper, Project Manager of Sustainable Transport at Lancashire County Council, said: “In Lancashire we are always looking for innovative and cost effective ways of offering residents a wider range of transport options. We are excited to add Faxi to our transport offer, and look forward to working together to help travellers make the most of the sharing economy.

“Faxi's revolutionary approach to car sharing will provide a useful tool to help reduce the pressure on our roads, improve air quality, and offer opportunities to those struggling with transport costs.”

As part of Lancashire's LSTF funding and a focus on the reduction of single occupancy vehicles, Lancashire aims to get as many commuters as possible sharing their regular journeys by car and also to encourage commuters to find journey sharing companions to encourage cycling, walking or public transport as an alternative mode of travel.

Working surveys consistently reveal that over 25% of people would journey share with people they know going in the same direction, and the new partnership with Lancashire Councils represents a greater nationwide drive to encourage journey sharing as the top sustainable transport solution.


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