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Kent County Council promoting journey sharing communities in four schools

Kent County Council recently announced a partnership with Faxi to promote journey sharing groups throughout the county. Annette Bonner, Transport Planner for schools in the Transport Innovations department, has identified four schools that contribute over 3500 journeys per day. 

These four schools have come together to launch Faxi groups in a bid to tackle their congestion issues and try and reduce the number of journeys made by cars by 50%. The deputy heads of The Charles Dickens School, Dane Court Grammar, Upton Junior School and Bromstone Primary School are working in partnership and regularly meeting to discuss the successful launch of Faxi in October 2014. 

The schools will be creating Faxi groups to engage with local parents and students and to build a journey sharing community around each year group, starting with teachers and year 7 students. 

Patrick Sawyer, Deputy Head of The Charles Dickens School, said "Not only will we be using Faxi to encourage car sharing among parents but we will also be using it to encourage the younger students to 'buddy up' with more senior students for walking and cycling to school together. There will also be a big push to encourage students to use Glympse, Faxi's mobile app tracking software, when travelling to and from schools so parents can check their children have arrived safely. "

Tony Lynch, Faxi CEO, said "It's fantastic that so many organisations like The Charles Dickens School are embracing Faxi and building journey sharing communities in the manner the platform was designed for".