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Have you ever thought to yourself what you could be doing with the extra time if you didn’t have to spend so long commuting? You’re not alone: Britain’s average daily commute is 1 hour 38 minutes. But what if intelligent data could help to make your commute shorter? Welcome to the future.

As the rise of the ‘internet of things’ sees everything in our daily lives becoming connected in some way or another, the concept of the ‘smart city’ is starting to take shape. Northamptonshire County Council is just one entity which is pioneering a new vision for a smart, connected city, and as part of the plan, is working with Faxi to reduce single occupancy vehicles on the daily commute. To further develop the concept of smart commuting, the Council is looking to combine Faxi’s technology with services from INRIX; a cutting-edge technology company which specialises in data intelligence relating to real-time traffic information. Information which could completely revolutionise the way you commute.

INRIX goes far beyond the provision of a conventional satnav or GPS map-based system. It provides real-time and predictive traffic information, and uses machine learning to proactively alert drivers before a trip on when to leave, their preferred route, and while driving of any safety or driving issues that may impact their on-time arrival at their destination. It enables users to ascertain local petrol prices, and helps drivers find the least expensive, closest, and available parking near their chosen destination. It integrates with countless other apps to offer the next generation of driver assistance, facilitating smarter, connected and more cost-efficient car travel.

By analysing data from vehicles, Northamptonshire County Council is looking to integrate INRIX with the Faxi app, to engineer a system for the ‘smart city’ concept which goes beyond traffic and starts to address the individual, economic and environmental challenges of urbanisation. The aim is to create an intelligent driver network which places Northampton at the forefront of smart, sustainable travel.

INRIX operates the most robust driver network in the world that includes 275 million vehicles, smartphones, cameras, incidents and other sensors with the ability to cover nearly five million miles of road, ramp and interchange in over 40 countries. By combining this powerful technology with the Faxi carpooling platform, the daily commute will change considerably - and it’s just the beginning.

This vision is only the start of a whole culture of rethinking how people will commute in the future - the emergence of electric bikes and cars, driverless vehicles, smart buses and high speed rail networks - are just the first signs of the smart connected world which will unfold in future years. No hoverboards just yet, but who knows what the future may hold!

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