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Free Up Three Days per week

Some of us in our office are fortunate enough to want, and to be able, to cycle to and from work every day. It's by far the quickest method of getting to work and the physical activity normally gets your brain sparking.

However just recently a number of us have decided to get the train to catch up on a bit of work reading, Web Analytics 2.0 is our current focus.

It occurs to me that, as smart phones and tablets become so powerful we can literally work anywhere, any commuter time when you are not driving is now valuable education, entertainment or production time.

UK studies show that over 60% of UK commuters drive, with an average commuting time of 41 minutes.

Therefore, if commuters could be encouraged to transport co-workers at a ratio of 3 passengers to every driver, it would release 20.5 hours of productive time per car per week. A staggering three person workdays every single week!

Faxi is working with a number of UK hospitals that each have over 10,000 daily commuters. If 15% of their workforce could travel to work in this way, it would release a phenomenal 1,125 work days every week for each hospital.

If this freed up time is spent catching up on emails, communicating with co-workers, reading, learning or even just shopping, planning that holiday or catching up on Strictly rather than sitting useless in traffic you can see the huge knock on effect this could have on both the overall productivity of the employer and the overall quality of life of the employees.