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Faxi has been rewarded with a cash prize and a partnership with major European engineering group Egis for displaying innovation in mobility with its carpooling concept.

Egis Projects Ireland asked 33entrepreneurs to run its first step of an ambitious strategy of Open Innovation to stimulate innovation in mobility. Faxi was selected from 340 startups in the mobility industry across UK and Ireland - the 100 most innovative startups were analysed in detail and a shortlist of 20 were invited to pitch in front of Egis Projects Ireland, SigFox and 33entrepreneurs.

Faxi impressed the panel of judges with its proof of carpooling technology – encouraging commuters and community members to share their daily journeys to try and tackle the modern problems associated with the volume of cars on today’s roads. Working together with employers to provide free and incentivised parking, the technology behind the app is continually evolving to provide a more enhanced experience for the users while revolutionising the daily commute.

Faxi will now have an opportunity to test the proof of concept in partnership with Egis. “After the identification of relevant startups, we will enter into a proof of concept phase. Faxi… will have the opportunity to test their services over 180,000 drivers and 650 km of motorways. If the results are favourable, the startups will become one of Egis innovative suppliers,” said Vincent Pretet of 33entrepreneurs.

Tony Lynch, Founder and CEO of Faxi, said: “We are delighted to have won this innovation award and it’s a great testament to how much potential Faxi has as a game-changer in the world of mobility and transport. We are excited to be partnering with Egis on this project and look forward to spreading the word to more and more organisations to help change commuter behaviour. It’s time we brought commuting into the 21st Century – Faxi is just one positive step towards that.”

Faxi is already working with prestigious businesses across the UK, including Red Bull Technologies, Network Rail, APCOA and Santander, as well as a number of NHS hospitals and local government authorities. There are over 35,000 postcodes of employees registered on the platform, which Faxi is analysing for major corporate customers to identify commuter optimisation opportunities such as carpooling, and eventually, the impact of driverless vehicles.

Faxi is entering a new round of investment as it looks to continually develop the technology and evolve the concept of technology-based transport optimisation as it expands internationally.