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FAXI provides car sharing solution to Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust

FAXI is excited to announce its first partnership within the NHS, as it partners with Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust. 

The organisation provides services from more than 80 locations and employs more than 4,000 dedicated staff, and is working with FAXI to promote organisation-wide lift sharing for all its staff. It has licensed 20 FAXI groups to begin with as part of a bid to reduce car congestion and pollution across all of its sites.

Hayley Morton, Sustainability Officer for the Trust, said: 'Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust approached Faxi looking for a solution to the high numbers of single car users amongst their staff and the related congestion and car parking issues that are created by this as well as a reduction in the carbon footprint related to staff travel. Faxi have offered a service that allows staff members to join a private network of potential car sharers and find a partner to share journeys to and from work, as well as looking for partners for walking and cycling for their commute.'

"The solution offered by Faxi also provides the additional benefits of being available both online at the staff members desktop and as an app on their smartphones or tablets with useful features allowing an added sense of security for users.  As an employer the analytical and messaging features allow us to monitor the usage of car sharing and easily contact those members of staff that have shared their journey with others."

The Trust provides a wide range of mental health and learning disability services for children, young adults, adults and older adults, as well as inpatient, community and day clinics and specialist services to a population of about 850,000 living within Coventry and Warwickshire.