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Faxi to partner with the Colchester Travel Plan Club

We are excited to announce that this week we have partnered with The Colchester Travel Plan Club. The Colchester Travel Plan club was first formed in 2004 by several local organisations who needed to manage their demand for car parking and who were concerned about the impact of local traffic congestion on their business, the community and the environment.

The Club recognised the benefits of working together to tackle these issues through promoting active and sustainable travel to work and on business, with the added benefits of encouraging healthier lifestyles and reducing CO2 emissions.

This week they will be launching a journey sharing group at the Colchester Borough Council Head Office, and everybody who signs up to the Faxi group by the 24th October to look for a car share partners will be entered into a FREE prize draw, and three lucky winners will receive £20*.

Emily Harrup from The Colchester Travel Plan Club said "Faxi is a perfect partner for us. With synergy between our organisation’s objectives, Faxi offers a fresh, easy to use and visually appealing approach to helping people find someone to share their journey with.

"We’ve already launched a group for the main Borough Council office in Colchester and are talking to a number of other local organisations such as the hospital and further education establishments about the potential Faxi can offer. We're particularly interested in how the Faxi app can prove people car shared together to help justify providing more priority parking for car sharers and other incentives, as this is something we have found very difficult to monitor and police previously."