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Modeshift to work with Faxi to promote sustainable travel

Modeshift, the national membership organisation that specialises in active and sustainable travel and provides behaviour change support for those working with children, young people, families, school communities, educational establishments and places of work, is working with Faxi to promote sustainable travel nationwide.

Modeshift also seeks to influence national debate, government policy and public opinion; and is working with Faxi to achieve the common goal of encouraging journey sharing among communities.

Nick Butler, Vice Chair of Modeshift, said: “Modeshift is a not for profit membership organisation that represents and supports sustainable travel practitioners, from a range of areas, who work to promote safe, active and sustainable travel for communities, education and employment with the longer term aim of engendering wider travel behaviour change.

"As one of our corporate partners, FAXI Ltd fit perfectly with our aims and objectives and as such, we welcome the introduction of this innovative new method of promoting journey sharing. Journey sharing not only reduces transport costs for individuals but can also provide a vital link for communities that are cut off by poor transport links therefore connecting people to essential services and reducing social exclusion."

Faxi is looking forward to working with Modeshift to promote sustainable travel options such as journey sharing on a nationwide scale.