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Faxi development update

Faxi is constantly improving its service by adding new features to the site and app, and by fixing bugs that may have previously occurred while using the platform. We will always be bringing new features on board which will enhance the Faxi journey sharing experience!

We are excited to announce the following new developments and bug fixes for both existing and potential customers:

New Features:
•    The map page has been updated to show your optimal route to your chosen destination, plus two alternative route options based on current traffic conditions
•    User status popups have been updated to dynamically show distance, time and traffic information, based on a user’s selected route
•    The map has also been updated to display route information based on your next regular journey, e.g, from home to work or from work to home
•    Faxi now displays a user’s route information on the registration page so you can see straight away some of the benefits of registering and planning shared journeys
•    Finding an appropriate group to join has been simplified with the addition of filtering tools to allow users to search by Group Name or Postcode, and filter down by Group Type
•    The Faxi platform can now send automated messages based on your upcoming journey, providing you with local weather and traffic forecasts to help you better plan your commute
•    As new users join your group in your vicinity you will receive email notifications alerting you to the fact that a new potential journey sharer has come on board, allowing you to click through to see where they are located on the map
•    We have added the “share a taxi” option to the ‘Your transport mode’ selector on the map page. This allows you to filter your map screen to show only other users who are interested in sharing taxis
•    The map will only display users registered and accepted into a group to ensure we are offering you genuinely active members of our software

Fixed Bugs/Problems:
•    A more robust postcode checker has been introduced - this should reduce the instance of registration forms hanging from around 10% to around 1%
•    The ‘forgotten password’ link on the registration page has now been fixed 
•    A bug which meant that some optimum route lines in older accounts did not show has been found and fixed
•    A bug which would show users on the map even if they were not yet authorised has been found and fixed
•    A bug affecting login for users on older versions of Chrome and Internet Explorer has been fixed
•    A number of bugs affecting Admin dashboards have been fixed

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