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Faxi app set to prove that people are journey sharing

According to the Evening Standard Drivers could be hit with huge bills for parking at work in London under proposals put forward by Boris Johnson today. The Mayor published a report saying “workplace parking levies” could be introduced across the capital in a bid to cut pollution. The controversial tax sees firms charged a fee for every space they offer — but some companies hit by a similar scheme have passed bills approaching £400 a year on to employees.

After speaking with one large business in London that has huge parking problems and struggles to manage the policing and administration efforts of car sharer parking bays we came up with the idea at Faxi to create a new module that will enable businesses to offer prioritised car parking spaces to their staff. Because Faxi is built on a foundation of geolocation and digital maps, using geofencing technology Faxi can categorically prove that Faxi users with the smartphone application have travelled together in the same vehicle to the same destination.

This technology is currently in development and we will be trialling with business partners in the near future. For more information contact

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