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Ex-SAS soldier ANDY MCNAB joins FAXI as brand ambassador in a bid to tackle nationwide pollution and congestion

As the global sharing economy booms and a sustainable transport solution becomes critical, FAXI could be on track to become the journey sharing equivalent of Uber. 

Andy McNab is backing FAXI with the same team he co-founded Mobcast with; the digital book platform which was sold to Tesco in 2008. McNab, FAXI ambassador, is also leading a key investment phase in FAXI via Crowdcube, the online funding community. 

Mcnab said: “There are so many serious global issues surrounding our use of cars, and FAXI, by empowering communities to journey share, will become a mainstream transport alternative for the benefit of all. The whole concept of journey sharing makes so much sense. In addition to the environmental positives, it also addresses an issue which is particularly close to my heart; my peace of mind about the safety and security of users. I have a wife and daughter, and providing a safe solution for journey sharing is a really important aspect. It's good to be part of the ‘sharing caring’ economy.”

Millions of people in businesses, schools, sports clubs and more could be making a difference to their own lives and to the planet by simple and effective journey sharing. 

With 15 million people in the UK who travel to work each day by car and 24% of rush hour traffic relating to the school run , just a 10% car occupancy rise would reduce congestion to the same extent as doubling rail usage would ; drastically reducing car emissions. Public Health England (PHE) in an April 2014  report suggested that pollution reduces the average Briton's life expectancy by six months, with a staggering 1 in 12 deaths in some areas of the country partly attributable to poor quality air.

Tony Lynch, CEO and Founder, said: “We are empowering people who are socially, environmentally, and financially aware, to make a difference. Many internet and social platforms have achieved staggering success by allowing people to display their needs to be supplied by other like-minded individuals. We think we can do the same with journey sharing through Faxi.”

Faxi has seen considerable support and enthusiasm from local government as it contributes directly to reducing congestion and pollution while increasing safety. Faxi has already agreed partnerships with a number of local authorities who are promoting pilot Faxi journey sharing software to local businesses, schools and communities. 

Tom Pierpoint, Team Leader of Transport Innovations at Kent County Council, said: “Kent County Council has always been keen to encourage car and journey sharing and is particularly interested in Faxi as it has the ability to grow virally through the community, increasing its reach and impact. Faxi has the potential to reduce congestion, costs and emissions while offering alternative transport choices to the travelling public of Kent.”

Alison Pickett, Sustainable Travel Manager at West Midlands transport authority Centro, who will be signing up for 10 groups with Faxi, said: “Car sharing can have a major impact on cutting carbon and reducing the congestion on our streets which costs us billions of pounds each year, but people sometimes don’t know the best way to go about it. Many of the businesses, schools and community groups we work with have said an app would be the ideal way for them to set up car sharing groups between friends and colleagues. FAXI gives us the perfect opportunity to provide these groups with the resource they need to start car sharing which can help make journeys easier as well as having a positive effect on our environment and the economy.”

Headmistress, The Cavendish School, Camden, said: “It's a common problem for schools and their locality to suffer from traffic congestion at drop-off and pickup times. We are keen to promote journey sharing for the long term in an effort to reduce congestion locally, do our bit for the environment and to increase convenience for our parents. We're excited to be working with FAXI to address these problems.” 

Nick Butler, Vice Chair, Modeshift, said: “Modeshift is a not for profit membership organisation that represents and supports sustainable travel practitioners, from a range of areas, who work to promote safe, active and sustainable travel for communities, education and employment with the longer term aim of engendering wider travel behaviour change. As one of our corporate partners, FAXI Ltd fit perfectly with our aims and objectives and as such, we welcome the introduction of this innovative new method of promoting journey sharing. Journey sharing not only reduces transport costs for individuals but can also provide a vital link for communities that are cut off by poor transport links therefore connecting people to essential services and reducing social exclusion.”