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Cycle to Work Day 2016

It’s a good job the UK is seeing an ‘Indian Summer’ with a mid-September heat wave, as Wednesday is national Cycle to Work Day. There’s no excuse to not get on your bike and pedal your way to the office in the sunshine, and what’s more, you’ll save money on your commute while reaping the health benefits of exercise.

Established in 2013 as part of Cyclescheme UK, Cycle to Work Day aims to encourage people to cycle to work for at least one day in a bid to help the nation become more environmentally-friendly during the daily commute while promoting the health benefits associated with regular exercise.

Cyclescheme UK has a grand vision for the future; it is aiming to see one million people across the UK regularly cycle-commuting by 2021.

According to census data, 741,000 people in the UK cycle to work regularly - a number which is continually rising. However, with UK commuters spending more time than ever in single-occupancy vehicles, the aim is to encourage more and more people to take to two wheels during their daily commute.

Numerous UK businesses are encouraging their employees to cycle to work as part of a more sustainable commuting alternative, and will be behind Cycle to Work Day to try and kick start a new culture of cycle-commuting.

So far, 2016’s Cycle to Work Day has seen participants pledge:

  • 40,285 cyclists
  • 609,451 miles
  • £274,194 saved
  • 127,957 kg CO2 saved
  • 18,8889 calories burned
  • 955 employers on board
  • 1043 retailers on board

You can sign up to the pledge here. Happy pedalling!

If you’re a individual or business keen to explore more structured sustainable transport options within your workplace, including cycling and carpooling, get in touch.