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Chichester Free School parents are using Faxi car sharing to save thousands of pounds

Chichester Free School has adopted Faxi car sharing as a school standard and, as a result, parents are saving thousands of pounds each year in transport costs.

The Faxi car sharing group was set up last year by the school administrator after searching for a car sharing solution on the internet. After spending a few minutes to set up their group the administrator invited the parents of new starters to join the group.

Over the following months 60% of parents invited signed up to the group, and according to feedback, all group members have now found journey sharing partners and are car sharing on the daily school run.

It is estimated that this takes 32 cars off the road and reduces distance travelled by 1024 miles every single day, reducing carbon emissions by nearly 30 tonnes per year. 

If parents are using the Faxi payment module it could mean that drivers would receive a cost contribution in the region of £780 a year, and the group as a whole could save a substantial £36k in annual transportation costs.

This success has been achieved primarily by parents endorsing Faxi car sharing as a safe and reliable solution to shared transport, and the school now has plans to drive the Faxi car sharing campaign further, providing information packs for all new starters at the beginning of the school term.

The Faxi platform offers closed groups for maximum security for schools and other private institutions, while the Faxi app includes a one-touch payment system and journey-start notification so passengers are aware of the driver’s progress towards them without drivers being interrupted or having to touch their phones while driving. The app provides a one touch solution for drivers picking up passengers everywhere, maximising safety and providing an embarrassment free method of calculating and transferring cost contributions from passenger to driver.

Chichester Free School is an excellent example of how a small community have become advocates of more environmentally-friendly and more cost-effective school run transportation, and have turned Faxi carpooling into a school standard for pupils and parents.

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