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The research not only highlighted the need for workplaces to improve car parking capacity, workers also suggested that the issue was damaging job prospects and bank balances.

According to the survey, over half (54%) are risking job prospects as a result of parking-related lateness or tension with colleagues, posing a significant problem for both employers and employees.

As the Faxi journey sharing platform continues to be adopted by major companies nationwide, such as Travis Perkins and the NHS, the ever-increasing problem for workplace car parking spaces is posing itself as a prevalent issue for employers, and the worry is that this problem is only worsening. 

Research shows that by providing priority car parking spaces for employees who car share increases car sharing use by a significant amount. A major energy company in the Midlands now has 20% of its employees car sharing to and from work, simply by making priority car parking spaces available for car sharers.

While many employers are likely aware that if journey sharing were taken up it could provide a solution to nationwide car parking issues, it is very difficult to prove whether employees are actively car sharing or not, which makes incentivising priority parking spaces problematic. 

Faxi provides a unique solution, because its sophisticated geo-fencing and mapping technology confirms in real-time those within an organisation who are journey sharing, and can also provide data to a car park management system or parking assistants, ensuring reserved car parking spaces are correctly allocated hour by hour.

The benefits for both employers and employees are irrefutable. Employees save money, time and the potential stress of finding a parking space, while employers can align a sustainable travel plan to their CSR strategy, identify and reward individual employees and provide priority car parking spaces for car sharers, which in turn leads to a more positive working environment for all.