It's easy, it's Faxi

Find, connect with & message others who have similar journeys. Open groups allow anyone to join, Closed groups are just for your colleagues and friends.

Our map based app shows who’s near you, who's on your route, and whose route you’re on

Faxi is based around a map showing your journey, regular destination and other group members.

Icons represent other users, click on them to see their journey requirements and then use the built in messaging system to arrange your journey.

Use inbuilt functionality to calculate a fair contribution towards costs, then passengers simply pay drivers directly from the app.

Example Faxi group

How it works

Starting a group Founders & administrators

How it works

1. Register a group with Faxi. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes.

How it works

2. Then just invite all your friends, colleagues and social network connections to join.

How it works

3. Approve members and send messages encouraging them to journey share.

Journey sharing Passengers & drivers

How it works

1. Join a group, see your blue icon and the route to your group destination. Set your transport type and status.

How it works

2. See other group members around you and along your route. Click on their icon to see their status and suggested contribution to costs.

How it works

3. Use the Faxi app to message other users and arrange to share a journey.

How it works

4. Add users to your route and see the recommended contribution towards costs.

How it works

5. Click start a shared journey and your passenger will receive a message that you’re on your way. Once accepted by the passenger the journey it will be logged in your account.

How it works

6. See your transactions and manage payments from passenger to driver.

Start new or Join existing group

Start a group It’s free* !

Anyone can set a Faxi group. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes.

Start a group

Join a group It’s free !

Find a Faxi group near you and meet others to journey share with.

Join a group

* Business groups are required to sign up to a paid plan. 30 day free trial available. For more information click here