Incentivising employees to transport co-workers

Faxi is a unique smartphone application and technology platform that allows commuters to record their journeys to receive a financial incentive that can be worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds a year per user.

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Whether it’s the school run, an away football game or even a wedding, why not set up a group and car pool together. It’s free to set up so there’s no reason not to.

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Faxi is the best value car pool platform for corporates, helping you reduce car parking infrastructure costs and provide incentives for employees to commute together.

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  • Active groups around the world
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  • 1892
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  • University of Essex


Set up or join a group

Set up or join an open or closed group

Connect with others

Connect with others and journey together

Share the cost

Share the cost of commuting

Enjoy the benefits

Easily manage employee benefits

The Faxi App

See other group members around you. Connect and arrange to journey share.

Drivers use the app to message passengers when they’re leaving.

Passengers accept the lift and can even pay drivers directly from the app.

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Hear what others said about Faxi

Using the Faxi platform all parents signed up have found someone to share with.


I found the platform very easy to use, my car pool partner and I use it every day.

Milton Keynes

Sign up page was easy and the map makes it incredibly easy to find a share partner.


I already had a car pool partner but with Faxi I have found 2 extra people to pick up, that's £20 extra petrol money a week!