Faxi for business

Create secure employee car pooling groups and accurately administer incentives for co-workers to commute together.

The lowest price solution to parking and congestion problems

Almost every large organisation has serious congestion and car parking issues, compounded by stringent government mandates and sustainable transport targets.

Faxi helps you minimise single occupancy vehicles to site by encouraging employees to journey share, thereby reducing expensive car parking infrastructure, supporting your CSR goals and positively affecting the environment.

Our unique system integrates with car park management systems to offer incentives including reserved and discounted parking, in addition it uses in app peer to peer payment to reduce individual employee commuting costs.

“I’ve lost five members of staff this year directly because of congestion and parking problems. The direct cost of that to our business in recruitment and training is over £65,000”

Faxi customer, A

“Unless we reduce single occupancy vehicles coming onto our site by 20% we’ll have to build another car park at a cost of £500,000.”

Faxi customer, B

Features to help you meet sustainable transport targets

Sustainable transport targets

Create secure, safe, closed groups for employees to communicate and journey share together.

Sustainable transport targets

Automatic checks prove car pooling has taken place.

Sustainable transport targets

Incentivise and reward employees proven to car pool with priority and discounted parking.

Sustainable transport targets

Passengers use the app to easily pay drivers a contribution towards expenses.

Sustainable transport targets

Our unique patent applied for scheme is easy to administer.

Sustainable transport targets

Provide travel alternatives, such as walking and cycling and improve employee health and reduce sickness and absenteeism costs.

Sustainable transport targets

Faxi can provide a full analytics and user engagement service to encourage take up and daily use of the platform.

Sustainable transport targets

Supports your corporate commitment to the environment.

Organisations using Faxi