Case study

Toyota Financial Services Carpooling powered by Faxi

How we helped create Toyota Financial Services Carpooling with a white labelled, internationalised version of the Faxi platform for Germany.


Every car manufacturer around the world knows that car ownership and transportation are changing radically.

Car ownership is reducing while car sharing, ride sharing and ride hailing services are exploding.

Toyota understand they need to be involved in this fast changing, technology driven arena. They have set themselves the ambitious target of moving from an asset based business to a service business by 2020 and they see the provision of Mobility as a Service solutions like Carpooling as central to that.


Deliver a Toyota branded version of the Faxi platform to the high standard expected by one of the top car manufacturers in the world.

Launch this product as part of the MOVE project in Hamburg to the largest employers in the city.

Work in an ongoing way to sell the business to government and to large employers across Germany, Europe and the world.

What we delivered

Platform has been designed with internationalisation and white labelling in mind, yet implementing it and releasing it was a significant piece of work. We are extremely pleased with the progress of this project. In the first three month phase we delivered the internationalised, white labelled version of the platform.

In the second three month phase we rolled out a Toyota branded, fully translated, German version of the platform that included, apps (iOS, Android and web), a flexible CMS driven promotional website, marketing starter pack and went through an intensive testing phase.

In parallel we consulted with the senior project team to set up their sales and marketing infrastructure as well as their in house UI/UX team to bring the entire platform up to the exacting Toyota standard.


White labelled the Faxi platform

Internationalised the platform

Branded and launched Toyota FS Carpooling

Google Play

App Store