Frequently Asked Questions

I All about journey sharing

Faxi enables you to easily share your commute to work with people from your organisation.

Journey sharing includes different types of commutes – from carpooling (sharing car journeys), to walking, cycling and taking public transport.

By choosing to journey share, you can save travel costs and have a direct impact on reducing traffic congestion and pollution. Carpooling also ensures better parking availability and allows you to benefit from having a car, even if you don’t have one.

For you:

  • Cut your fuel, toll, parking costs
  • Free up your commute to check your emails, your presentation, etc
  • Find friends to walk or cycle with if you are unsure of walking / cycling alone
  • Reduce congestion and pollution
  • Qualify for rewards and incentives offered by your employer
  • Connect with co-workers living locally
  • Connect with other parents living locally with children at the same school

For the workplace:

  • Reduce parking problems
  • Reduce local congestion
  • Reduce local pollution
  • Reduce transport poverty
  • Reduce employee stress and subsequent absenteeism
  • Increase employee satisfaction via incentives for sustainable commuting
  • Increase employee retention

Faxi offers closed communities, which means that only co-workers from your place of work can register, communicate, connect and arrange to share journeys.

Faxi also offers open communities that are open to anyone to join without restriction. It is clear which type of community you are joining during the registration process.

Within either community, you should feel confident that privacy & security are built into the Faxi platform from the ground up.

Within your community, it’s completely up to you who you choose to share a journey with.

We suggest that you meet up for a coffee and a chat and make sure you are going to get on before sharing a journey with someone. Feel free to check all their legal driving documents, such as driving licence, car insurance, MOT and car tax, for your peace of mind.

Sharing your commute or the school run should not increase your insurance costs, though charging passengers to the point you make a profit from the journey might invalidate your insurance.


II All about Faxi

Faxi is a journey-sharing application that allows you to share commutes with people from your organisation – carpooling, walking and cycling. It also enables journey verification, checking that the shared journeys have taken place, qualifying you for potential employer rewards and incentives and allowing you to keep track of your financial and environmental savings.

The app allows for the creation of communities – generally private groups that are based around a common destination (e.g. an airport, hospital, office, school, etc). Within these communities, people can connect and share journeys with others that are known to them to varying degrees, even if it’s only through working for the same organisation.

The core aim of Faxi is to improve commuting for everyone and to reduce the number of cars on the road, thereby helping the environment, reducing pollution and easing congestion around towns and cities.

The app allows you to connect with other commuters in a safe environment, helps you reduce your travel costs and enables you to take advantage of potential incentives your organisation could be offering.

Faxi’s unique patented technology verifies shared journeys so that the driver and passenger can get rewarded by their organisation or local authority. It also enables you to track your shared journeys, cost savings and the amount of CO2 saved.

The Faxi app is free to download and use. If you’re looking to join your organisation’s community to start sharing journeys, all you have to do is download our app to get started.

On the other hand, if you’d like to create the perfect journey-sharing community that will fit your needs, please contact our sales representatives.

The Faxi application is available for download from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.


III My Faxi Account


If you wish to create a journey sharing community for your organisation you can do so here.

Just complete the registration and invite your employee community.


Typically, your business/school/club/society may send you a link to invite you to join a community – clicking it will take you directly to the registration page for that community.

Alternatively, when you’re first creating your account with Faxi, you will be prompted to join a community and be able to search by destination address or community name.

Complete your registration and connect with colleagues who share your route and travel times to begin journey sharing.

Once registered you can create or join as many communities as you wish. Within the mobile app, you can navigate to Account > Community.

Click on the ‘+’ button, you’ll be given the choice between joining an existing community or creating a new one. Follow the steps to find another community to join or create your own and invite people to.

If you’re not sure if a suitable community for you already exists, please contact us at

With Faxi you can create open or closed communities.

An open community means anyone can join and have instant access to all members of the community.

A closed community means all registrations need to be approved by an admin before new members get access to the existing member network. 

In either case, no personal information is shared with any other community member.

You can join as many communities as you’d like.

Simply open your app, tap on ‘Account’ in the navigation bar and select Community. Tap on the big ‘+’ and you’ll be prompted to choose between creating a new community of joining an existing one.

Just follow the instructions and you’re set!

If the community you wish to join is open, you will instantly become a part of it. If you want to join a closed community, your registration request will have to be approved by a community admin.

If you haven’t been approved within 24 hours, please contact us at and we’ll do our best to help.

To find people to share a journey with in the mobile app, tap on ‘People’ in the bottom navigation bar.
You will be taken to a map, where you can see icons and the approximate locations of other community members who live on your route to work.

When you tap one of these icons, you’ll see the member’s username, profile picture and status, as well as their working hours. 

Alternatively, you can also access a list-based view, by selecting ‘Show in list’ (found in the upper left corner of your screen). This will show people you could potentially share a journey with.

Then, all you have to do is message them and arrange for a shared journey!

As Faxi is developing and spreading the word in your community, more and more users will join the platform.

Make sure your status is visible to others, as well as meaningful – tell other users when you travel, what you are offering and what you need – to maximise your sharing visibility. 

Set your status and profile picture, to make it easier for people to recognise you. 

Or, take a proactive approach and message people on your route to work first! 


Once you’ve arranged the details of your shared journey, simply tap on ‘Start journey’ when you’re ready to go. Make sure your Location, Bluetooth and Mobile Data services are turned on for the full duration of your journey.

As a driver, it’s a good idea to start your journey before heading off. After doing this, you can focus on driving and not worry about journey verification.

As a passenger, it’s recommended you tap on ‘Start journey’ when entering the drivers’ vehicle. Your phone will start scanning for people nearby and you will be prompted to select the driver. 

Once you’ve successfully selected the driver, they will be added to your journey and Faxi will scan using Bluetooth to verify that the shared journey is happening.

Should you have any issues with connecting via Bluetooth, it is now possible to add someone to your journey via QR code. 

Arrange important shared journey details, such as the pick-up time and location, beforehand and connect to others when you’re ready!


In the menu, simply select the ‘Digital Wallet’ option.

This will lead you to the page showing your account history. In the bottom left, you have the option to top up your wallet.

Tapping on this will allow you to top up through our payment processors; Barclaycard or PayPal.

Simple as that!


The driver can request payment through the application. You will see the requested contribution amount, which is set by the driver, on the screen showing you all the nearby drivers, once you’ve started the journey.

As soon as you complete a journey, the app will transfer the agreed amount from your digital wallet to the driver’s.


To cash out select the ‘Digital Wallet’ option from the menu. 

In the page showing your account history, select the ‘Cash out’ option located in the bottom right.

Tapping on it will prompt you to enter your Paypal email and the amount you’d like to cash out. 

Your request will be processed by our support and you can expect to receive your money within five business days.


At the moment the Faxi app is available on Apple and Android phones. If you do not have a smartphone and want to participate in a journey share and verification scheme contact us at



IV Registration and Security

Our internal security model ensures your password is encrypted and your personal information is not visible to other community members. Users see only the screen name you set, an approximation of the preferred pick up/set off address you enter and the working times you define. 

All messaging is done directly through the platform, so your personal email or phone number is never made available to anyone.

As a Faxi user, you are solely responsible for your interactions with other users. We advise you to use good judgement, as your safety is your primary responsibility. 

That being said, for the most part, you will be connecting and journey sharing with people who work for the same organisation, have children at the same school, play sports at the same club, attend the same church, etc. as you. 

Internal protection

Faxi is intended as a graphical introductory service – when you see other members on a map it becomes very clear who you could potentially travel with. You can then message community members securely and decide if they are someone you want to share a journey with or not. You decide how much personal information you share.

Information pertaining to a particular community is behind a secure login, with only registered community members, who have been authorised by an administrator, allowed access to the community and the information related to it.

All messaging is handled directly via the app or the platform; no personal information of any user is ever revealed to any other user.

We will only share your personal information with third parties as outlined in our Privacy Policy, as it may be amended from time to time, and as otherwise permitted by law.

External protection

Faxi is hosted on Tier 1 Amazon Web Servers, one of the most secure cloud computing environments available today. The AWS cloud infrastructure is housed in AWS’s highly secure data centres, which utilise state-of-the-art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems.

Every aspect of our service is accessed over HTTPS secure socket layer, meaning all requests to the server are encrypted.

Faxi’s architecture has multiple layers, with each layer having its own perimeter:

  • Application layer: application logic
  • API layer: object model and security model
  • Database layer: data persistency

The Application layer can only access the database through the API. This ensures that a compromised application layer cannot be granted access to the database and that the security model cannot be bypassed in any way at the application level.

We position your Community and User icons on the map based on the postcode/address supplied at registration. 

Sometimes postcodes/addresses go out of use or are too new to be correctly mapped yet. If you find that your user or group icon on the map does not appear to be where you think it should be you can position the icon more accurately. 

If you’re using the web app, go to the ‘Settings’ tab and you will have the option to edit your personal address. In the mobile app, go to the ‘Profile’ tab to change your address.

In case you’re a community admin, go to the ‘Dashboard’ section on the web app or the ‘Community Account’ tab, found under ‘Settings’, in the mobile app, in order to change the address of your community.  

Make sure the full postal address for the location is included and you should find that your marker is moved to the correct location. If this still does not result in the correct placement of your icon you can contact us here,, and we can look into it further for you.

We take our geo-location data from Google Maps. 

Sometimes, if the postcode/address you are using as a pick-up point has changed recently or it is a new postcode/address, Google Maps are not quite up to speed and the postcode/address check will return an error.

If this appears to be happening, i.e. you are sure you are entering the postcode/address correctly, but the form is showing an error and you are unable to register, don’t worry.

You can register with any postcode/address and simply correct it later.

If you’re using the web app, go to the ‘Settings’ tab and you will have the option to edit your personal address. In the mobile app, go to the ‘Profile’ tab to change your address.

In case you’re a community admin, go to the ‘Dashboard’ section on the web app or the ‘Community Account’ tab, found under ‘Settings’, in the mobile app, in order to change the address of your community.  

In order to delete your account, please contact us at and include the email address you registered for Faxi with.

If you are having trouble using the Faxi application, you can always request support by emailing



V Faxi proof of car share

Faxi can inform your employers when you have engaged in a shared car journey, potentially allowing you to qualify for various incentives.
A proof of car share is confirmation that you have participated in a shared car journey with other members of your Faxi community. It may qualify you for rewards and incentives from your employer or organisation.
Some employers and organisations choose to reward employees that engage in carpooling, with some offering payment or food & drink vouchers, whilst others offer reserved/priority parking or a reduced parking rate.
With the app, you can add employer incentives to the general benefits of carpooling – reducing costs, pollution and congestion.

You can use the Faxi app to connect with people you share journeys with and verify when shared car journeys take place. In order to verify that the shared car journey is happening, the app will run periodic checks during the shared journey in order to confirm that the driver’s and passengers’ phones have an established connection. 

To have your shared car journey verified, ensure that your Location, Bluetooth and Mobile Data services are turned on for the full duration of the journey.

If your organisation is offering priority parking or parking access as a reward for carpooling, we will issue a parking permit to you once we’ve verified that the journey is taking place. If you’re eligible for any other incentive, we’ll issue a redeemable ticket to your digital wallet. 

We store the verifications on our servers and generate a report on carpooling activities for your employer. The admin of your community will receive periodic reports containing only data on the number of shared journeys, the cumulative distance travelled, and the amount of CO2 and NOx emissions reduced as a result. So, your employer will not be privy to any other information connected to your journeys. 

The application uses geo-location to keep note of ongoing journeys, which is why you will be prompted to turn on your Location. The data is sent to our serves via the Internet, for which we need your Mobile Data services to be turned on.

To make sure that you’re sharing a journey, we need you to have Bluetooth enabled, to periodically check that your phone is connected to other people in your journey. 

Rest assured that all data is encrypted and used solely in accordance with GDPR regulations and in line with your consents.