Case study

Gatwick Airport – incentivised data-driven carpooling

The Problem

  • Gatwick Airport is the second busiest airport in the United Kingdom and the eighth busiest in Europe
  • It saw 46.1 million passengers passing through in 2018
  • A total of 24,000 to 30,000 employees work across the entire airport with 12,000 expected in any 24-hour period
  • 10,000 on-site car parking spaces are available for staff
  • Most employees have to park remotely and use the airport bus service, adding up to 40 minutes to their daily commute

As one of Europe’s busiest airports and with a staff base of 24,000 to 30,000 employees, the parking situation at Gatwick is colossal. Worse still, so is the congestion on local roads. With such a vast pool of employees driving similar routes to work and at similar times, and most of them travelling in vehicles alone, it is easy to see why such unnecessary pollution is a concern for the airport sustainability team.

The Objective

As part of its initiative to become the UK’s most sustainable airport, Gatwick wanted to incentivise its employees who carpool to work in order to reduce traffic and pollution.

Over time, those drivers who regularly transport the most passengers to and from work were to be given the opportunity to upgrade to a staff car park of their choice. These car parks are located up to one mile closer to the terminal buildings, potentially reducing commuting time by up to 40 minutes each day.

Accurate incentives are only achievable if an employer knows which employees are carpooling, and when, so implementation of the technology was essential to success.

  • Gatwick Airport was seeking green initiatives in order to achieve its ambition of being the UK’s most sustainable airport
  • It wanted to incentivise priority parking closer to the airport to employees who carpool, helping to reduce their commute times by up to 40 minutes a day
  • Faxi’s commuter matching algorithm showed that 80% of the workforce could be transported to and from work in pools of three, with colleagues who share similar routes and commute times
  • If 20 paid drivers could transport 180 co-workers in a two hour rush hour period, it would release 180 parking spaces a day


By implementing patent-applied for technology, Gatwick Airport benefitted from:

  • Conclusive proof of carpooling using Faxi’s patented technology
  • Real-time allocation of parking spaces to proven carpoolers
  • Reduction in commuting time and cost for carpooling employees due to closer, on-site parking
  • User carpool management
  • Smart passenger and driver matching

The league table

Gatwick carpoolers are incentivised through reserved parking on a daily basis. Users’ carpooling activity is recorded which allows Gatwick to produce and view a league table of users’ aggregate activity. Each month the top performers are further rewarded by being given the opportunity to upgrade their parking to a carpark of their choice. They must then maintain this level of carpooling to maintain this preferential access.

Faxi Limited, patented US 1561-0001, 1561-0002.
Faxi Limited, patents pending US 1561-0003.
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Gatwick Airport has become the first airport in the world to provide an alternative transport network for its employees. The Gatwick Faxi carpooler community has grown to near 800 active users since its launch eight months ago in November 2018 and is continuing to grow at around 200 new users per month.

Gatwick currently has 29 spaces reserved for carpoolers, increased from 20 May 2019 with plans to continue adding to this provision as necessary. These reserved spaces are driving 356 drivers to regularly transport 242 passengers per month.

The airport is also making substantial progress in its bid to become more operationally sustainable, having contributed to a staggering volume of environmental savings across a 10 month period:

  • Total miles saved: 103,404 miles
  • Total CO2 saved: 45,200 kilograms
  • Total NOX saved: 36,200 grams
  • Total Cars off the road: 5,865

There are clear benefits for employees as well:

Total savings
per employee

Time saved
per commute

There are clear benefits for employees as well:

Total savings per employee
Time saved per commute

Key Statistics

NOx saved
Total employee savings
Cars off the road
Total miles saved
Journeys completed
CO2 saved
NOx saved
Cars off the road
Journeys completed
Total employee savings
Total miles saved
CO2 saved

Gatwick dashboard snap shot

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