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TRANStech Award underlines game-changing role of Faxi carpooling app

• Unique Faxi platform gives government and employers ability to create carpooling schemes that will genuinely reduce emissions, traffic congestion and parking pressures  • Co-worker carpooling […]

Faxi to launch verified walking and cycling commutes

As the world moves towards a more sustainably conscious future, Faxi is helping organisations and their employees travel to work in a more sustainable way by […]

New ‘dedicated driver’ feature to enhance carpooling experience

Need a driver to take you to work? That’s the dream – catch up on emails, calls, or just take some stress-free chill time on your […]

Faxi achieves double awards shortlisting at the TRANStech Awards 2019

Faxi is delighted to have achieved a double awards shortlisting at this year’s TRANStech Awards, an event which celebrates companies that are aiming to improve transport […]

Could you be commuting to work by bike?

When you start to think about it, our commuting patterns are illogical. It doesn’t make sense that thousands of people are commuting to the same places […]

Toyota Financial Services led conglomerate takes majority stake in Faxi

Since the beginning, when we created Faxi, we knew that thousands of commuters were driving to the same workplaces each and every day, in single occupancy […]

Is carpooling the future of mobility?

The world is changing and the future of mobility is set to be a shared transport network utilising ridesharing and carpooling services.

Jaguar Land Rover partners with Faxi to promote more sustainable commuting

Jaguar Land Rover has partnered with Faxi to create private carpooling networks across its nine sites, in a bid to promote a more sustainable commute. In […]

Slough Borough Council encourages local businesses to carpool

When was the last time you were stuck in traffic? At a guess, we’d say it was probably today, and likely on your way to or […]

West London Mental Health Trust prioritises parking for staff verified to be carpooling

West London Mental Health Trust (WLMHT) becomes the latest NHS organisation to prioritise their limited employee car parking bays for employees carpooling.  Since signing up to Faxi […]

Five leading carpoolers save £1,000 and get their carpark upgrade

Five leading carpoolers save £1,000 and get their carpark upgrade Commuter ride sharing, shouldn’t all large campuses incentivise? Chris and his colleagues can work 12-hour shifts, […]

An Introduction to Toyota Carpooling | 24/10/18

An Introduction to Toyota Carpooling See below for the global premiere of the Toyota Finance Carpooling app. Using Faxi technology, Toyota has created a white-labelled product to implement across […]

fatosGO One and Faxi collaborate to launch Malaysia’s first Incentivised Carpooling platform | 24/10/18

fatosGO One and Faxi collaborate to launch Malaysia’s first Incentivised Carpooling platform | 24/10/18   Faxi have teamed up with fatosGO One to to provide a […]

Toyota Financial Services Carpooling Launches In Hamburg using Faxi Technology | 17/10/18

Toyota Finance Carpooling Launches In Hamburg using Faxi Technology. We are incredibly proud and excited to be partnered with Toyota Financial Services to launch the Toyota Financial […]

See Gatwick Airport’s Commuter Network in Action | 15/10/18

Fantastic to speak at the annual Gatwick airport transport conference last Friday the 12 of October. In our Gatwick community, users share data to get the […]

Frimley Health Foundation NHS Trust looks to Faxi to ease parking pressure. | 28/09/18

Frimley Health Foundation NHS Trust looks to Faxi to ease parking pressure. Frimley Health Foundation NHS Trust has recently moved 300 staff to a limited parking site, […]

Chichester Free School continues to benefit from smart carpooling scheme. | 19/09/18

Chichester Free School continues to benefit from smart carpooling scheme. Chichester Free School has committed to continue to grow and expand their carpooling network. Starting in […]

Video – Our NFC enabled posters helping grow Gatwick Airport’s Carpooling Network | 30.8.18

Our NFC enabled posters helping grow Gatwick Airport’s Carpooling Network Faxi provides Gatwick employees with a free app that allows them to verify their carpooling journeys […]

Video – How Queens Hospital created a verified carpooling network. 30.8.18

How Queens Hospital created a verified carpooling network. See below how 3 employees from Queens Hospital in East London made their commute work by plugging into […]

Faxi’s wireless technology proving multi occupancy is patented in America. 30.8.18

Faxi’s technology now patent-approved in the USA As multiple occupancy transportation becomes increasingly important, Faxi are happy to announce that we have been granted our first patent in […]

University of Surrey restricts carparking for 400 staff per day, staff and students are being incentivised to share vehicles. 28.8.18

Great to partner with the University of Surrey to tackle their complex but common staff car parking problem. Due to continued expansion at the University of […]

Faxi Gatwick Carpooling scheme recognised for being worlds first airport offering priority parking to verified carpoolers in Intelligent Transport – 28.8.18

Faxi Gatwick Carpooling scheme has been recognised as being a world first to allocate parking to multi-occupant vehicles in Intelligent Transport, the leading source for information […]

Local Government for Paris is paying people to Carpool in an effort to ease congestion. 14.8.18

A new law in France is trying to address 2 problems with carpooling: – Pollution and congestion in big cities – Lack of public transport in […]

Gatwick launches world first verified car-pooling service for Airport staff. 6.8.18

Gatwick launches world first verified car-pooling service for Airport staff Staff who give lifts to colleagues are allocated preferential airport parking via an innovative smartphone app […]

Faxi’s carpooling solution mentioned in CMS Report covering industry leaders in smart mobility and autonomous transport 24.7.18

Click here to read the report- Shaping the future of mobility – CMS report – July 2018

Faxi prepares for Take off at Gatwick Airport, rewarding staff verified to be travelling together with Faxi’s carpooling technology. 19.6.18

Take off for Faxi at Gatwick Airport Faxi is launching at Gatwick Airport, with the goal of reducing pressure on employee parking, and to reward staff […]

Toyota enters the carpooling market, white labelling Faxi’s technology for forthcoming launch in Germany. 11.6.18

Toyota to brand and pilot Faxi’s incentivised carpooling platform in Hamburg Germany. In addition to sales support for environmentally friendly hybrid technology, Toyota Financial Services (TFS) […]

Queens Hospital Staff complete 1000 verified carpools to work, making huge savings.

Queens Hospital Staff complete 1000 verified carpools to work, making huge savings. Queens Hospital Staff members in Romford, East London has just exceeded 1000 carpools on […]

Northampton’s Shared Transport Network in Action – Video. 11.3.18

Northampton’s Shared Transport Network in Action We’ve now been active at Northampton for 6 months! We now have over 300 shared commutes set up! To give […]

Barking Havering and Redbridge Hospitals launches a Faxi Carpooling Scheme to combat chronic parking problems. 1.3.18

Faxi Launches at BHR Hospitals Due to increasing parking pressures at Barking Havering and Redbridge hospitals (BHR) as they expand, the facilities team have made the […]

See Carpooling Community Grow and Connect when prioritised parking is offered as an incentive – Video. 10.1.18

Carpoolers Network Growth The viral growth effect of a carpooling network driven by the allocation of parking to multiple occupancy vehicles. Our continued analysis of users’ […]

Indigo invests with Faxi to provide ridesharing to its customers, confirming it to being a key player in shared mobility! 1.10.17

Indigo partners with Faxi to provide ridesharing to its customers, confirming it to being a key player in shared mobility! INDIGO partners with FAXI to offer […]

Faxi becomes first company in the world to offer automated priority car parking for carpoolers at Northampton County Council. 13.7.17

In partnership with Northamptonshire County Council, Faxi has been working to solve the myriad parking problems at the council offices by providing an incentivised ridesharing solution. […]

5 ways to reduce pressure on workplace parking. 4.7.17

One of today’s almost ubiquitous problems is car parking, and workplaces are suffering the same plight as everywhere else. As land is at a premium and […]

Faxi launches Park & Ride feature

Faxi now enables users to commute to work using Park & Ride functionality on the Faxi mobile app. Users can easily find their Park & Ride group, […]

Faxi is one of six startups chosen to work with TfL to help reduce London congestion

Faxi is delighted to announce that it has been selected as one of just six startups to work with Transport for London (TfL) in an initiative […]

Commuter ridesharing integrated with parking gets Northampton driverless ready

Faxi has been contracted by Northamptonshire to connect co-workers who can start sharing their commute to work, incentivised by smartphone-enabled reserved parking on site. The project has […]

Faxi creates internal ‘Uber network’ at Vodafone head office – 24.2.17

Faxi has made waves in the shared transport revolution by creating an internal commuter network at Vodafone HQ in Newbury, Berkshire. As part of its ongoing […]

Government awards £4 million for tech projects that will cut congestion, speed up journeys and clean up the environment.

The Government has awarded £4 million for tech initiatives which provide motorists advance notice of congestion and available parking spaces. Faxi is just one of many apps […]

Why the electric bike could revolutionise your commute

Ever considered using an electric bike to get to work? If you haven’t now is the time. E-bikes have exploded in popularity in the past year […]

Peterborough City Hospital uses Faxi to ease pressure on hospital parking

Peterborough City Hospital has approached Faxi to solve extensive car parking issues for its employees, by enabling employees to rideshare to and from work and benefit […]

Corporate rideshare revolution driven by Northamptonshire CEO

Northamptonshire County Council is steering co-workers to rideshare their commutes to mitigate parking and cost issues. Faxi’s pioneering map-based social network is the key that unlocks […]

The driverless car revolution isn’t just about technology – it’s about society too

Following an interesting article published this week in the Guardian, Faxi is emphasising the importance of society in its commitment to connecting people together to enable community […]

The rise of the two hour commute

The rise of the two hour commute Data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that many UK workers now spend two hours each […]

Faxi launches new Windows smartphone app

To add to our growing portfolio of compatible devices, Faxi will be developing a new app for Microsoft Windows smartphones. Despite being one of the lesser-used […]

When your car drives itself, what will you do with the extra time?

New research from Direct Line Car Insurance reveals that Brits could save 13 days a year on average with the introduction of driverless cars. Statistics show […]

Commuting facts from around the world

Commuting – a necessary evil but something which most of us participate in every single day of our lives, whichever corner of the globe you live […]

Why a stressful commute could be affecting your health

The UK commute is notoriously stressful, and can even go as far as negatively affecting the health and wellbeing of the nation’s workforce. With UK workplace […]

UK to fall short of air quality targets

The UK is still failing to hit air quality targets which were supposed to be met in 2010, and according  to a recent report from the […]

Cycle to Work Day 2016

It’s a good job the UK is seeing an ‘Indian Summer’ with a mid-September heat wave, as Wednesday is national Cycle to Work Day. There’s no […]

Paid commuter drivers needed to transport corporate co-workers. Faxi launches pilot.

According to Forbes, “Commuting remains the unattainable white whale of the ridesharing industry, a tempting goal that represents a much larger share of driving than taxi use”.Why does this […]

Could carpooling contribute to more affordable housing?

Carpooling is the logical step towards a reformed transport system which will change society The vision of driverless vehicles shaping the future of our transport networks […]

Autonomous buses: just the beginning of a transport revolution

Switzerland has joined a growing number of places around the world exploring the potential of electric autonomous buses, with a pair of driverless shuttles now ferrying […]

New Research Reveals That People Prefer Ride Sharing To Car Sharing

Car sharing? No thanks Car sharing (in which users rent vehicles for short time intervals, typically by the hour), has experienced unprecedented growth over the past […]

60% Of Commuter Journeys, Cars And Car Parks Could Be Eradicated Says Tony Lynch, Ceo At Faxi

Over the past six months large organisations across the UK have provided Faxi with data for over 100,000 commuter journeys. Initial studies have revealed that based […]

5 Ways To Make Your Commute Greener

To celebrate World Environment Day, we have a look at five different ways you could make your commute green. Next time you step out the door, […]

New Feature! Audible Notifications

You dreamed it, we made it happen. We are thrilled to introduce a brand new audible notification for drivers. As a smart commuter app, we want […]

Cutting Congestion Around the World

According to a recent Economist article, cities around the world are grinding to a halt, clogged up under the weight of their own workforce. Cities around […]

Faxi Finalists In British Parking Awards 2016

Faxi British Parking Awards Network Rail have entered the Faxi carpool project at their Milton Keynes Quadrant office for a British Parking Award. The project, in […]

RBS Integrated Carpooling Parking Solution

RBS Trinity Quay are committed to cutting congestion in and around Bristol and reducing their annual carbon emissions. So much so they are giving over a […]

Partner case study

Essex University use Faxi for on demand shared transportation. Charlotte Humphries, Transport Policy Coordinator, University of Essex. Faxi is working with Charlotte to develop shared transportation […]

Free Up Three Days per week

Some of us in our office are fortunate enough to want, and to be able, to cycle to and from work every day. It’s by far […]

Faxi meet World, World meet Faxi

Last week we launched a software release to our Faxi platform that allowed anybody globally to set up a Faxi group. Today Faxi is international as […]

FAXI Platform Release 0.47.5

We’re really excited to announce the latest release of the Faxi platform, in this release we bring some powerful new features, some bug fixes and a […]

UK hospital adopts Faxi app to ease parking and security concerns

The smart phone is changing transport globally, and Faxi is providing evidence of this as it partners with UK hospitals to relieve phenomenal pressure on parking […]

Chichester Free School parents are using Faxi car sharing to save thousands of pounds

Chichester Free School has adopted Faxi car sharing as a school standard and, as a result, parents are saving thousands of pounds each year in transport […]

The new transport network: pay commuters to transport coworkers

A new document released by think tank Policy Exchange reveals how the sharing economy and paid commuter car sharing could form a new revolutionised global transport […]

Faxi Founder Tony Lynch talks about how businesses can take an active stance on climate change using logical solutions

“Climate change has been confirmed as a scientific fact, according to a recent article in the New Scientist, and it is about time for business leaders […]

Where Faxi is leading, Google is following

Google has been hitting the headlines again after recently announcing that its Israeli start-up Waze has launched a carpooling app called RideWith in Israel. The app, […]

School creates ‘car share speed dating night’ to connect Faxi users together

One school which uses Faxi has come up with an innovative way to encourage more parents to car share on the school run – it is […]

Even the Pope wants you to car pool

This article was published in The News Wheel. As it turns out, Pope Francis (who just got a new set of wheels) is very environmentally-minded. In […]

Nationwide employer launches Faxi, first ride sharing app to provide access to reserved car parking

One of the UK’s most prominent organisations is launching Faxi, the world’s first mobile app which provides proven car sharers with automated access to reserved and […]

Fed up with commuting?

This article was published in The Telegraph. Faxi offers opportunities for commuters to earn or save money on their daily commute through collaborative car sharing. Fed […]

Seven Strategies to Maximise Potential of Ride-Sharing

Ride-sharing has declined in recent decades, but there’s a lot that could be done to revive it. The potential savings are enormous. For decades after World […]

Faxi to be the first corporate ride-sharing app to provide one-touch passenger to driver payment

This June Faxi will introduce one-touch passenger to driver payment that will allow commuter drivers to sell spare capacity in their cars to co-workers.

Take the quickest route with the Faxi smartphone app route planner

The Faxi map homepage will now show three of the best ways to your destination and home. By clicking on any of the routes you will […]

New feature update: pay contribitions to your journey sharing companions by mobile phone

Faxi is delighted to announce that it will shortly be launching a payment facility within the app, in conjunction with Barclays Pingit, to enable financial contributions […]

Faxi development update

Faxi is constantly improving its service by adding new features to the site and app, and by fixing bugs that may have previously occurred while using […]

The commute is a major part of our lives. Let’s be positive and save some

Another piece of research showing the importance and benefit of low-level exercise was reported in the Telegraph recently. Lack of exercise is twice as deadly as […]

A number of NHS Trusts launch Faxi journey sharing groups

Last week 12 Faxi groups were launched by various NHS trusts, and over the course of the next few weeks over 8000 NHS employees will be […]

Bristol City Council’s Faxi Launch Press Release

Bristol City Council hosts Faxi launch event to promote journey sharing across the city, see below a copy of its press release: Faxi – New Journey […]

University of Essex launches Faxi journey sharing social networks

Faxi is excited to announce that the University of Essex is promoting journey sharing groups across the region. The interactive platform was introduced to the University […]

Parking permit distribution prioritised for Faxi car sharers at Clifton education centres

Since Bristol City Council has recently announced its introduction of resident parking restrictions in Clifton and thereby reducing the amount of car parking spaces for local […]

Lancashire County Council signs for 40 Faxi groups

Lancashire County Council has acquired 40 Faxi groups which will be promoted to local social groups and businesses to encourage greater uptake of journey sharing across […]

Car sharing solution required as Bristol City introduces resident-only parking in Clifton

As part of a strategy to reduce congestion and improve air quality in Bristol and to manage parking pressure and improve the local environment in inner […]

24% of people would car share with work colleagues

A survey of 635 respondents conducted at a major business park in Milton Keynes has revealed that 24% of people would journey share with others within […]

Travis Perkins launches four Faxi groups across its Head Offices

Travis Perkins, the national retail giant, has launched Faxi journey sharing groups across four of its Head Office locations around Northamptonshire to encourage employees to travel […]

Faxi applies for its first patent – proof that car sharing is taking place

Car sharing is a global solution to a global problem, and while it is continually on the rise, the complications lie in the provability of it […]

Obesity will cost the UK £47 billion a year and 50% of the global population will be obese by 2030. Walk to work while you still can.

A discussion document recently published by McKinsey Global Institute identifies obesity as ‘a growing global calamity’ and ‘one of the top three social burdens generated by […]

Review recommends the adoption of high occupancy vehicle lanes.

A review of the sharing economy commissioned by the government, identified that ridesharing is growing in popularity. Music to the ears of the founder of the […]

Children who walk or cycle to school are faster learners than those who are driven

Recent research has revealed that children who are driven to and from school may be suffering academically. Researchers found that children who were driven to school, […]

Red Tent Cornwall women’s circle leader Mandy Adams: “Faxi exactly what I’ve been looking for”

Mandy Adams runs Red Tent Cornwall women’s circle and discovered Faxi after being invited to join another existing Faxi group (see blog post 30/09/2014 – Sustainable […]

Santander using Faxi to combat carparking issues at head office

Santander, a global, multinational bank which was named the Best Bank in the World, in 2012 have launched a Faxi journey sharing group for their head […]

Car Parking Is A Major Concern: the Faxi solution

The research not only highlighted the need for workplaces to improve car parking capacity, workers also suggested that the issue was damaging job prospects and bank […]

UK retail giant Travis Perkins bills Faxi as a “21st Century car sharing solution”

Travis Perkins, the UK’s largest builder’s merchant and home improvement retailer, is launching a number of Faxi journey sharing groups to promote sustainable travel at its […]

Trek Bikes firmly believe cyclists are likely to actively engage in bike buddying

Trek Bikes, one of the largest bike manufacturers in the world, have launched journey sharing groups at their UK head office in Milton Keynes. Trek has […]

Survey reveals 22% of Colchester Council employees interested in using Faxi

As preparation for launching the second Council Head Office Faxi staff group, this time with Colchester Borough Council, a travel survey was conducted for employees at […]

Study predicts 35% year on year increase in carpooling to 2020

A study published on October 6th by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants predicts a 35% year on year increase in the use of carpooling worldwide by 2020. […]

Car parking crisis at Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust drives Faxi launch

After shock news that London is considering a corporate tax on car parking spaces, Hayley Morton, Sustainability Officer for the Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust, plans […]

Faxi to partner with the Colchester Travel Plan Club

We are excited to announce that this week we have partnered with The Colchester Travel Plan Club. The Colchester Travel Plan club was first formed in […]

Could community be a solution to transport challenges?

Written by Arlen Pettitt, Linstock Communications Three transport-related stories have hit the news this month because they share a common, but not immediately obvious theme. There […]

Sustainable organisation Embercome using Faxi to allow users to travel more sustainably

Embercombe is a place that exists to inspire people to change their world, running a year-round programme of residential experiences and events based on their 50-acre […]

Kent County Council promoting journey sharing communities in four schools

Kent County Council recently announced a partnership with Faxi to promote journey sharing groups throughout the county. Annette Bonner, Transport Planner for schools in the Transport […]

Kent County Council sends newsletter to 10k businesses

As part of our partnership with Kent County Council and to help promote sustainable travel for businesses, Kent have created a newsletter that features Faxi and […]

Faxi app set to prove that people are journey sharing

According to the Evening Standard Drivers could be hit with huge bills for parking at work in London under proposals put forward by Boris Johnson today. […]

Camden school has 10% of parents registered to Faxi

Faxi partnered with Camden Council earlier this year. Since launching in May 2014, one school in the North London Borough now has nearly 10% of parents […]

Arlington Business Park partners with Faxi

Arlington Business Park has partnered up with FAXI to promote car sharing to 1,500 employees within the businesses park. The initiative is being delivered by West […]

FAXI provides car sharing solution to Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust

FAXI is excited to announce its first partnership within the NHS, as it partners with Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust. The organisation provides services from […]

New Data from 2050 Global Calculator Indicates Sustainable Transport Critical to Combating Climate Change

Experts predict that a 2 degree Celsius rise in world temperatures could have drastic effects, including reduced crop yields, grave damage to ecosystems, and extreme weather. […]

Article published on by Trevor Clawson

“Car sharing doesn’t work – it’s never worked.” At first glance that’s a surprising statement to fall from the lips of the CEO and founder of […]

The Cavendish School aims to reduce traffic congestion with Faxi

The Cavendish School, Camden is one of the groups under Camden Council’s license purchase, and was Faxi’s first official group, launching in Easter 2014. It is […]

Kent County Council kicks off journey sharing with 10 Faxi group licenses

Kent County Council identified a need for a journey sharing platform such as Faxi, and has signed up for 10 groups, with the view to potentially […]

Durham County Council to administer Faxi journey sharing groups as part of Local Motion project

Durham County Council has signed up for 20 Faxi groups as part of the Local Motion project to reduce traffic congestion and emissions across the district […]

Modeshift to work with Faxi to promote sustainable travel

Modeshift, the national membership organisation that specialises in active and sustainable travel and provides behaviour change support for those working with children, young people, families, school […]

FAXI teams up with Centro, the West Midlands public transport organisation

FAXI is delighted to be working in partnership with Centro, the organisation responsible for public transport across the West Midlands. Operating across the seven Metropolitan District […]

West Berkshire Council teams up with Faxi to get journey sharing on the move

West Berkshire Council has partnered up with Faxi, the journey sharing social network, to encourage and promote journey sharing in and across the district. Journey sharing […]

London’s congestion charge to rise for the first time since 2011

The London congestion charge is to rise by 15% to £11.50 a day, the first hike in fees since 2011. Fleet customers and those who pay […]

London Leads the EU in Car Pollution; Diesel Fuel Blamed

London has a dirty secret: Levels of the air pollutant nitrogen dioxide (NO2), as measured by a monitoring station in the central city, are the highest […]

Why journey sharing needs a social network

There is evidence to suggest that people are reluctant to connect on certain social networks with people who sit outside of their close circle of friends, […]

Ex-SAS soldier ANDY MCNAB joins FAXI as brand ambassador in a bid to tackle nationwide pollution and congestion

As the global sharing economy booms and a sustainable transport solution becomes critical, FAXI could be on track to become the journey sharing equivalent of Uber. […]

Solar Panels Could Replace Roads

Back when the concept of global warming was still nascent—only eight years ago, mind you—Scott and Julie Brusaw of Sagle, Idaho, began heavily contemplating an idea […]

Is the school run more stressful than a full-time job?

Some parents find the school run more stressful than a full-time job, according to new research. Road safety charity Living Streets found that almost half of […]

French Billionaire Vincent Bollore Invests in London’s Electric Car-Sharing

French Billionaire Vincent Bolloré plans to introduce a car-sharing scheme for electric vehicles. The green campaign, a four-wheel extension of London’s environmentally-friendly “Boris Bikes” program, will […]

Future Of Personal Mobility – Life With Or Without Ownership Of Cars

In 2008, after I told a global leading car company that they are not in business of making cars, but in the industry of personal mobility, […]

The New Safety App For Women

It reads like a Law & Order: SVU episode, but it’s true: A year ago, a friend of mine left her two roommates at a bar […]

Established Companies, Get Ready for the Collaborative Economy

As more and more startups like Airbnb, Etsy and Kickstarter crowd into the space of the collaborative economy, big brands are starting to get in on […]

The sharing economy: Would you get in a car with a stranger?

Sharing is already estimated to account for 1.3% of Britain’s GDP, but can the industry continue to grow without verification, or is it only for risk […]

Easy ways to reduce traffic in your street

Your road doesn’t have to be suitable to be a ‘full’ DIY Street in order to reduce its traffic volumes. There are plenty of simple changes […]

How We Can Reduce Street Traffic in One Beautiful GIF

This GIF posted by Tumblr user peterfromtexas illustrates just how much road congestion is caused by single commuters who use separate cars for transportation.Originally posted on […]

Setting a trend for sustainable transport

Dubai: From a top airline or a rent-a-car firm to a special needs institution or a school, the green wave in the transport sector seems to […]

Record numbers commuting by car

16.7 million people in England and Wales travel to work by car or van. This is 62.7% of the employed population aged 16-74. Reliance on the […]

Poorest families spend 31% of income on keeping a car

The poorest families have to spend almost a third of their income just to remain mobile, the RAC has warned. The least well-off car-owning households spent […]

Car-Pooling Makes a Surge on Apps and Social Media

The annual ritual of piling into the car for the great American summer road trip has a new twist as more travelers are inviting strangers along […]

Cutting energy and emissions, one car at a time

This week the government  announced £5 million funding for projects to reduce air pollution from local buses in urban areas. The scheme will compliment existing plans to […]

St Peter’s Academy partners with Faxi

St Peter’s Academy is working with Faxi as a sustainable transport solution to serve the daily travel requirement for students. It is a mixed 11-16 academy […]

September 28, 2016

A future on two wheels: the rise of the electric bike

Faxi’s Head of Engineering, Lewis Kite, visited the Cycle Show in Birmingham on 23rd September, where he witnessed the growing culture of the electric bike. We […]