Proof of carpooling

The technology of proven shared commuter journeys

Traditional carpooling relies on a dating model to try and deliver shared journey’s but they only need to be connected once.
We use a combination of GPS loaction date and bluetooth proximity shared in real time to check that a shared journey is happening.

Proving carpooling via GPS

  • Driver collects passenger(s) on way to work
  • During the journey, driver and passengers FAXI apps upload by chunks their geolocation data to the server
  • Using patented “proof of ride share” technology, the server make a fingerprint of the Geolocation data for quick and easy comparison
  • The part of the journey where the driver is on his own is shown in red and the green represents carpooling taking place
  • With confirmation of the carpool, the parking at destination is reserved via the app and pushed to the driver
  • On arrival, the driver presents the code to the barrier to access the reserved parking

Proving car pooling via Bluetooth

  • Each device in a carpool is assigned a unique, journey specific token by the Faxi server
  • Users’ FAXI applications periodically scan for other Faxi users via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Effective range of BLE in moving vehicle is approx. 3m (device dependent) therefore devices found must be in close proximity
  • On finding other Faxi users devices swap tokens via BLE
  • Tokens are uploaded at intervals during the journey to be checked by the server
  • The server checks that tokens from the expected Faxi users are present throughout the journey and a ticket is issued on arrival at the destination
Faxi app periodically scans for other users using Bluetooth Low Energy
Tokens are uploaded at intervals during the journey