Über Faxi

FAXI ist eine Smartphone-App und Online-Plattform, die es Menschen in Gemeinschaften ermöglicht, sich gegenseitig zu identifizieren und Reisen leicht zu organisieren.

Das FAXI-Karten-Design mit Echtzeit-Standort- und Verkehrsinformationen ermöglicht es Menschen, regelmäßige Fahrten mit dem Auto, öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln, dem Fahrrad oder zu Fuß zu nutzen.

Forschungsergebnisse deuten darauf hin, dass fast die Hälfte der Menschen mit jemandem reisen würde, den sie kennen, doch Millionen von Menschen reisen jeden Tag mit leeren Sitzen. FAXI glaubt, dass Sharing fürsorglich ist und dazu beitragen kann, Staus und Umweltverschmutzung zu reduzieren und den Menschen Geld und Zeit zu sparen, während sie sicherer und effizienter reisen.

Sehen Sie sich das Video an, um zu sehen, wie FAXI funktioniert: https://youtu.be/JnVG9dGpSEM


In Zusammenarbeit mit Toyota Financial Services

Im Juli 2018 hat Faxi seine erste White Label-Lösung für Gesponserte Fahrgemeinschaften eingeführt.

Wir sind stolz darauf, mit Toyota Financial Services (Toyota FS) als erstem Partner für diesen Service zusammenzuarbeiten. Wir haben die Faxi-Plattform geklont, und Toyota hat es mit dem Branding versehen, um Anreize für Gesponserte Fahrgemeinschaften für Deutschland zu schaffen. Die neue Plattform Toyota FS Carpooling wird Fahrgemeinschaften in Deutschland an große Arbeitgeber verkaufen.

Dieser White-Label-Service ermöglicht es Unternehmen oder Behörden, großen Arbeitgebern Mobilitätssoftware zur Verfügung zu stellen und gleichzeitig eine direkte Beziehung zu ihren Pendler-Mitarbeitern aufzubauen. Mitarbeiter verbinden, überprüfen, motivieren und belohnen. Alle Partnerplattformen arbeiten mit der gleichen Codebasis und werden mit neuen Funktionen und Funktionen aufgerüstet.

Mit dem White-Label-Produkt können Sie Smartphone-verbundene Apps, Web-Apps, Marketing-Support und eine Reihe von Services wie Barrier Access Control, Ticketing, ein Peer-to-Peer-Zahlungssystem und Community-Dashboards in Echtzeit vermarkten und verkaufen.

Über das Team

Das Faxi-Team hat einen sehr erfahrenen Hintergrund in der Technologie- und Softwareentwicklung und wir lieben Dinge, die einen Unterschied machen. Einige von uns sind techy Geeks und andere nur aufgeregt von Ideen und Dinge zu schaffen, so zusammen sind wir ein ziemlich anständiger Haufen.

Faxi – deine Freunde als Taxi – wurde gegründet, weil wir leidenschaftlich daran glauben, dass Millionen von Menschen Carsharing, Lift Sharing und Journey Sharing sein sollten.

Faxi kann von jedem benutzt werden. Es ermöglicht Menschen, die sozial, umweltbewusst und finanziell bewusst sind, etwas zu bewegen. In diesem Zeitalter der sozialen Medien kommen Fremde zusammen, um zu kommunizieren, und Faxi erlaubt ihnen, eine umweltfreundlichere Gemeinschaft zu werden, egal wer sie sind; von Unternehmen zu Sportmannschaften.

Teilen ist fürsorglich, und darum geht es bei Faxi.

Wir sind hier um zu helfen.

Rufen Sie Faxi unter der Nummer

+44207 387 1133

oder e-mail


Wir sind hier um zu helfen.

Rufen Sie Faxi unter der Nummer

+44207 387 1133

oder e-mail


Tony Lynch

CEO and Founder

After establishing his first successful technology business at the age of 24, Tony saw that books were going digital and founded Mobcast with author Andy McNab. The successful software company was later sold to Tesco to form Blinkbox Books; the cornerstone of its digital book platform.
Tony was convinced that the whole of the UK could benefit from journey sharing, and after spending a year carrying out extensive research, set about founding Faxi.
Tony loves the sharing economy and has recently utilised a successful nanny share scheme. He is looking forward to launching Faxi for the ‘fat dads’ rugby team he plays for, as well as for the junior team he coaches on Sunday mornings.

Francois Plancke

François Plancke

CTO and Founder

François has seen high profile successes across digital technology platforms including in his role as CTO at Mobcast Services and Mappy. He was also CTO for Musiwave, one of the original innovators in mobile music entertainment, which was acquired by Openwave Systems Inc. in 2005 for 99.5 million Euros.
François lives in Paris with his family, and is sparing with his words.

Lewis Kite

Chief Community Officer

Lewis is our Engineering Manager, through his own companies and now with Faxi, Lewis has worked with development teams in house and located across the globe. He has been responsible for building teams, creating team structure and implementing development methodologies to scale and grow with the strategy and values of the company, overseeing projects large and small with an emphasis on customer value and technical excellence.
He has significant, proven experience in designing, developing and supporting highly critical products, balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders, prioritising resources and ensuring timely delivery.

Chris Lynch

Chief Data Scientist

Chris has had a career in investment banking spanning over 20 years, most recently with global managerial responsibility in structured finance at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Chris left the banking sector in 2012 to focus on venture capital activities for high net-worth individuals across a broad range of industry sectors.
Prior to working with Faxi, Chris managed a large portfolio of start-up companies all with a heavy reliance on data analytics, and was actively involved in driving strategies based on robust data driven evidence.
Chris holds a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, a MSc in Mathematics and is currently studying for a PhD in Mathematics researching log-periodic precursors to criticality in financial markets.

Guthrie Watson

Head of Design

A multidisciplinary designer and art director, Guthrie has worked on across a wide range of channels in print and digital and multitude of verticals. He brings his extensive design, user experience and creative skills to the Faxi platform, overseeing and managing all creative endeavours.

Milan Kazarka

Project Manager, Senior iOS Developer

Studied telecommunication technologies and low voltage engineering. Became well known as the author of the cyberpunk visual novel series Invisible Apartment. Former patent owner and creator of several apps.

Lucy Munton

Lucy Munton

Executive Assistant to the CEO

A friendly, hardworking, and reliable who always gives 100%. With over 20 years experience in field sales and telemarketing through working for organisations and running my own business.

Laura Vivash

Laura Vivash

Administrative Support

Laura provides support to the CEO and team members in London and Serbia providing a variety of administrative and HR tasks.

Edgar Weaver

Community Manager

Community Manager in charge of supporting and encouraging communities to engage with one another to fully realise the benefits of carpooling. Demonstrating and encouraging users to use the app to connect, share and benefit.

Amy Kilpin

Amy Kilpin

Digital Marketing
Slavica Gajevic

Slavica Gajevic

Community manager

Mira Cenic

Community manager

Serbisches Entwicklerteam

Uros Milivojevic

Lead iOS Developer and Development Team Leader

Leading the technical team with a focus on continuous improvement and innovation.

Nemanja Malasevic

Lead Android Developer

Nikola Tosic

Junior iOS developer

A core part of the Faxi app development, I’m constantly trying to advance my skills in order to provide high quality code.

Dusan Halas

Android Developer

Dušan is an Android Developer with a strong background in other mobile platforms. He found his greatest passion in developing Android apps from the beginning of his career. He is keen on knowledge and loves to research new technologies and embrace them eagerly. Even though Dušan is great at copping with problems individually, he prefers finding solutions within the pack. He is a passionate tourist and walker.

Stefan Stojanovic

Backend developer

Backend web developer focused on all things technical coding PHP, crafting our API’s and supporting the team and the CTO develop a world class mobility platform.

Nikola Zivkovic

Nikola Zivkovic

Front-End Developer

Versatile Front-End Developer in charge of developing, designing and managing the Web App, as well as modding and maintaining WordPress website. Specializing in React.JS, Node.JS and responsive design and challenging the testers skills daily.

Martin Amon

QA Tester

Tester under construction. Daily battles with developers, deciding if something is a bug or a feature. „If something went wrong, you probably did something wrong and it’s not our fault.“ I can make people laugh and cry in the same sentence.

Aleksandar Stojkovic

QA Tester

Aleksandar is an experienced and well-organized QA Tester, with exceptional skills in tracking reported bugs and escalating them to development team, post validation. Exceptionally well-versed in working closely with the mobile, frontend, backend and design teams. He is determining, preparing and maintaining quality test strategies, designing and developing automation test scripts, to ensure quality at each level of the project.


Andy McNab

International Best Selling Author and Faxi Investor

Andy McNab, writer of Bravo Two Zero, founded Mobcast ebooks with Tony way back, and they’re back together again. Andy has been a keen supporter of Faxi from the start as he’s passionate about “new things that can change the world”. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.
We asked Andy to tell us something personal for this. He said he could tell us, but then he’d have to kill us… so we didn’t ask!

Park Indigo

France’s main car park operator

Indigo offers bespoke and customised solutions to all of its clients: regional authorities; cultural, leisure or tourism sites; hospitals; shopping centres; airports and train stations. The group makes it a point of honour to offer welcoming, clean and safe places throughout their network.

Wir sind hier um zu helfen. Rufen Sie Faxi an +440207 387 1133 oder benutzen sie E-Mail help@faxi.co.uk