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The Faxi team comes from a highly experienced background in technology and software development. More importantly though, we love stuff that makes a difference. Some of us are techy geeks and others just get excited by ideas and creating things, so together we’re a pretty decent bunch.

In fact, we bonded quite well on our last project so have decided to work together again. Our core team created Mobcast, a digital book download platform, which was sold to Tesco and renamed Blinkbox Books.

Faxi - your friends as a taxi – was created because we passionately believe that millions of people should be car sharing, lift sharing and journey sharing. Tragically only about 3% of people regularly share their journeys with another traveller. Friends of the Earth claim if average car occupancy were to increase by half, it would lead to a one-third fall in traffic. Just a 10% car occupancy rise would reduce congestion by as much as a doubling rail usage, drastically reducing car emissions.

Research suggests that nearly half of all people would journey share with someone they know, so that’s what we have created. An online journey sharing community allowing people to protect the environment and help themselves financially by travelling smarter.

Faxi can be used by anyone. It empowers people who are socially minded, environmentally minded, and financially aware, to make a difference. In this age of social media, strangers come together to communicate and Faxi allows them to become a more environmentally friendly community no matter who they are; from businesses to sports teams.

Sharing is caring, and that’s what Faxi is all about.

Tony Lynch - CEO and Founder

Tony Lynch CEO and Founder

After establishing his first successful technology business at the age of 24, Tony saw that books were going digital and founded Mobcast with author Andy McNab. The successful software company was later sold to Tesco to form Blinkbox Books; the cornerstone of its digital book platform.

Tony was convinced that the whole of the UK could benefit from journey sharing, and after spending a year carrying out extensive research, set about founding Faxi.

Tony loves the sharing economy and has recently utilised a successful nanny share scheme. He is looking forward to launching Faxi for the ‘fat dads’ rugby team he plays for, as well as for the junior team he coaches on Sunday mornings.

François Plancke - CTO and Founding Member

François Plancke CTO and Founding Member

François has seen high profile successes across digital technology platforms including in his role as CTO at Mobcast Services and Mappy. He was also CTO for Musiwave, one of the original innovators in mobile music entertainment, which was acquired by Openwave Systems Inc. in 2005 for 99.5 million Euros.

François lives in Paris with his family, and is sparing with his words.

Alexian Chiavegato – CMO

Alexian Chiavegato CMO

Alexian is our Chief Marketing Officer with a strong background in marketing and management. Social media, digital marketing, value propositions, PR and other such things are what he crunches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Throughout his career, he worked and lived in some of the world’s most fast-paced cities - Shanghai, London, Zurich, New York.

He has managed market-specific strategies in: Europe, with a focus on the UK, France, and the Nordics, South America, and specifically Brazil, and the Asian region, particularly China. He designed and managed successful market-specific product launches and lead generation campaigns.

Lewis Kite – Engineering Manager

Lewis Kite Engineering Manager

Lewis is our Engineering Manager, through his own companies and now with Faxi Lewis has worked with development teams in house and located across the globe. He has been responsible for building teams, creating team structure and implementing development methodologies to scale and grow with the strategy and values of the company, overseeing projects large and small with an emphasis on customer value and technical excellence.

He has worked with open source technologies such as, Java, ReactJS, NodeJS, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, PHP, CodeIgniter, CakePHP and MySQL as well as proprietary systems, so has significant, proven experience in designing, developing and supporting highly critical products, balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders, prioritising resources and ensuring timely delivery.

Amy Kilpin Marketing Consultant

Sebastian Mohnke Data Scientist

Nathalie Tulip Operations Consultant

Uroš Milivojević iOS developer

Ljubica Rančić Graphic Designer

Miloš Manojlović Front-end developer

Nemanja Malašević Android developer

Mayank Solanki Test Automation and CI Consultant

Mitar Krstović iOS Engineer

Jana Antić QA Tester

Aleksandar Stojković QA Tester

Mayuri Deshpande QA Tester

Dr Shufan Lin - Investor Relations and International Business Planning

Dr Shufan Lin Investor Relations and International Business Planning

Shufan, alongside her previous role as a venture capital investor at Solon Ventures (Formerly Thompson Clive & Partners), has been involved in the UK VC industry since 2006, with investment execution and M&A experience. She benefits from a strong technical background in Electronics Engineering from Cambridge University to help her to identify disruptive technology. Her investment track record includes Nimbus (sold to Tibco), Mobcast (sold to Tesco) and GTS (sold to Playtech). She is also an Investment Management Certificate Holder.

Shufan is a great organiser and the Faxi team also makes use of her operational aptitude and financial shrewdness.

Andy McNab - International Best Selling Author and Faxi Investor

Andy McNab International Best Selling Author and Faxi Investor

Andy McNab, writer of Bravo Two Zero, founded Mobcast ebooks with Tony way back, and they’re back together again. Andy has been a keen supporter of Faxi from the start as he’s passionate about “new things that can change the world”. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

We asked Andy to tell us something personal for this. He said he could tell us, but then he’d have to kill us... so we didn’t ask!

Ingenious Ventures - Faxi Investors

Ingenious Ventures Faxi Investors

Ingenious Ventures provides investment capital to promising, growing media, technology and entertainment companies that are looking to raise capital. We are proud that Ingenious Ventures decided to invest in Faxi during a curcial period of its growth.

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We’re a passionate bunch of people here beavering away in our Kings Cross office talking all things sustainable travel, social networking and generally doing good things in the world.

As we are growing, we are always on the lookout for talent, so if you’re interested in any of the following areas and are keen to get on board with Faxi (did we mention our concept is brilliant?) then we’d love to hear from you.

  • Software development (front end and back end)
  • Business development
  • Sales and marketing
  • Strategy and planning

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We're here to help. Call Faxi on 0207 387 1133 or email help@faxi.co.uk

We're here to help. Call Faxi on 0207 387 1133 or email help@faxi.co.uk
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